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Camp Ezri INC.

Camp Ezri is a 501C3 Non Profit Wilderness Adventure Program that provides at-risk kids with the opportunity to build character and confidence through activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, atv's, survival training, archery, kayaking..etc..

https://www.campezri.org/ Tax ID 84-5004250


"Camp Ezri, Because Every Kid Deserves Adventure"

Imagine seeing a real black bear in the wild, howling at the moon and having coyotes answer back, catching your first large mouth bass or trout, blazing a muddy mountain trail on an ATV, blasting skeet out of the air with a shotgun, searching a seasonal creek bed for the elusive Northern Red Bellied Cooter or sitting around a camp fire making smores after hiking a waterfall trail?

At Camp Ezri, we make all this and more possible for kids who would otherwise never get this opportunity. Many of the kids who attend Camp Ezri have never experienced anymore of nature than what can be seen on TV or possibly done at a local park. They are at risk kids, many who are plagued with daily struggles for safety and peace while living in crime ridden and poverty stricken communities. Many have endured traumatic events and approach these struggles with limited support. Camp Ezri not only gives them the opportunity to experience an awesome adventure, but is designed to impart confidence, integrity and a strong trust in the fact that whatever they face in life God will always help them. Psalms 121:1-2