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Camp Balcones Scholarship Campaign Photo
Camp Balcones Scholarship Campaign Photo
Camp Balcones Scholarship Campaign Photo
Camp Balcones Scholarship Campaign Photo
Camp Balcones Scholarship Campaign Photo
Camp Balcones Scholarship Campaign Photo

The Story

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 11, 2017

Help Camp Fire reach our goal of raising $20,000 by June 11th to provide children who need it with a life changing Summer Camp experience at Camp Balcones.


At Camp Fire, we believe that both education and the natural world are resources to which all should have access. Both of these elements are key in the development of children's minds, and we can't afford to withhold them from children who need them most. In a phenomenon known as summer learning loss, students often lose academic progress and much of what they learned during the course of the school year during their summer break. As a result, they start the next year considerably behind where they were at the beginning of the summer. This effect is most pronounced in low-income children, who sometimes have little to no access to summer learning experiences (like Camp Fire!) that seek to bridge this gap.


To this end, Camp Fire Central Texas is raising funds so that we can offer scholarships to our summer camps to low-income children right here in Austin. Each week of summer camp is not only fun, but also based on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) theme that ties what children are learning directly to the environment around them. This year's themes include Urban Wildlife, Farm to Table, Science, Naturally, and more! Campers will have access to fun and healthy summer camp activities at Camp Balcones including swimming, hiking, canoeing, and archery. With experiences like these, instead of starting the new school year having lost much of what was learned the year before, our campers are instead enthusiastic and ready to learn.


Any amount given will go directly to provide scholarships for kids who would not otherwise have the chance to go to camp at all. For every $300 raised, a child is able to exchange a week of losing ground for a week of progress, full of interactive learning and exploring the natural world. Join us by donating today, or start a fundraiser to get your friends and family in on the fun! With support from friends like you, Camp Fire is able to connect over 1,000 youth and families to nature every year. With your continued support, we will reach out to even more children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in quality summer learning experiences.



Please consider forming a team and fundriaisng for Camp Fire! This year, donors are eligible for some very special prizes. 


$100 You will receive a Camp Fire sticker and a hand written note


$250 You will receive a Camp Fire sticker, a hand written note, and breakfast tacos delivered to your workplace by Camp Fire staff who will wear silly hats and serenade you with Camp Fire songs.


$500 Camp Fire’s Director of Operations Eric Imhof will demonstrate his home brewing skills by providing you with homemade beer or wine. There might be cat hairs in it, because Janeane sheds on everything. Think of the cat hair as extra protein.


$750 You will win a seat at Vegan Brunch provided by Camp Fire’s Development Director Gabby Sewing. Gabby will cook brunch with freshly squeezed juice, tempeh bacon (which is almost as good as real bacon), and whatever else she feels like cooking. Please BYOC (Bring Your Own Cheese) or you’ll be sprinkling nutritional yeast on your tofu scramble and questioning your decisions in life. Brunch will be served outside at a local park, weather permitting.


$1000 Put on your hiking boots and meet Camp Fire’s Program Director Lenny Scott for a guided hike in the Hill Country (a term we use here to mean any hiking trail Lenny feels like showing you). Bring plenty of water, a copy of your insurance card, and poison ivy scrub because we have no idea where you will be hiking and what plants Lenny will make you touch (or eat). Lenny will help you find your own sit spot, and if you don’t know what that is just ask and she’ll make you do it blindfolded.


$1500 Winners will receive a ticket to THE event of the season – Barb Dunnam’s Annual Summer Meat Party! Barb will invite you to her house for a barbeque of epic proportions. Prepare your colon for an evening of animals cooked to your preference and beers with questionable flavors. Please polish your tug-of-war skills because we play for bragging rights and last time Gabby won hard and has the scar to prove it. If you play your cards right, Barb’s husband may put on a private concert. He sounds just like Tom Petty (or so he repeatedly tells us).


$2000 This year’s Grand Prize is a Moonlit Canoe Trip! Enjoy an intimate evening with Lenny Scott who will provide both the wine (boxed) and cheese (Kraft singles) while she guides you on the river. You will be wowed by her extensive nature trivia and nocturnal animal calls (including 5 different species of frog). If you’re not wowed, that’s too bad, because you’re sitting in a canoe and she has the paddles.


Thank you for supporting Camp Fire Central Texas! Every dollar helps a child in Austin receive the summer learning experiences they need to have a successful school year. As you can see, we like to have fun at Camp Fire, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support and look forward to providing you with a unique donor experience you’ll always remember.