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Camp Eberhart Alumni Association, Inc.

Supporting Camp Eberhart Since 1987

http://www.campebalumni.org Tax ID 31-1021547

Your CEAA was established in the 1980's to provide support to YMCA Camp Eberhart. Your CEAA is comprised of past campers, staff and friends of Camp Eberhart. Our membership is not limited and all are welcome to be a part of our association. The CEAA engages in an annual membership drive, fund raising projects, and golf outing to help raise the funds that are used to support camp Eberhart. We provide funds for capital projects, scholarships for kids to attend camp, consulting to camp staff, and overall support to all of Camp Eberhart.

Your CEAA and the YMCA have been working together to accomplish so much over the years. We are now close to our goal of replacing the Powder Room, yes a brand new Powder Room on the Low Road!!! This project also starts to pave the way for the replacement of the Haunted House on the High Road! 

Our fundraising efforts have us very close to the finish line, now we need all of your help to get us to there. Donate what you can and share this with all of your camp friends, family, co-workers, everyone who can help us!