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Cambridge Camping provides meaningful experiences to under-resourced, urban children in supportive and inclusive camp communities through enriching and inspiring programs. Every summer we provide quality, subsidized day and overnight camp opportunities for 400+ children in Cambridge and Greater Boston. Camp is where children laugh, play, join in, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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Cambridge Camping provides children from under-resourced circumstances so much more than summer camp; we offer strong, diverse, supportive communities.  We see real friendships develop maybe for the first time. We see counselors become mentors and those relationships often change lives. We hear from kids throughout the years that the memories they have from camp have sustained them in challenging times.

Daybreak Day Camp is the only recreational program in the community designed specifically for children with social, emotional, and behavioral health needs.  At Cambridge Adventure Day Camp a child might see the ocean, hike through the woods, or learn to ride a bike for the very first time.  Through CCAccess, children attend day and overnight camps throughout New England because we raise funds to pay for their tuition. Camp can be magical, transformative, healing and empowering. 

With your help Cambridge Camping can continue our 123 year tradition of offering camp experiences to those that otherwise would not have access to summer programming.

“I struggled with academics as a kid because of learning disabilities. I moved to three different schools in four years. Being a CADC camper helped build my confidence because it’s a place where all kids are welcome and encouraged to be themselves…CADC showed me a bigger world outside of Cambridge.  It’s more than a camp…it’s an experience.  I credit my longevity with the camp because even as an adult, I’m still gaining confidence through the program.” [Shakeela, a former Cambridge Adventure camper, CIT and camp director, now has her masters in psychology and works in a women’s shelter].

“For Adam, success at Daybreak begot more success. Daybreak was also the first step in developing his self-awareness on the road to recovering his self-control and self-esteem. Daybreak was the right "fit" for our child, and for so many others. Daybreak is a gift for those of whom there often aren't gifts.” [A Daybreak parent]