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California Pilots Association (Redlands Airport Association)

The Redlands Airport Association (RAA) was founded in 2014. It was organized by users and friends of Redlands Municipal Airport (REI) to advocate for its use. Founders were concerned about various issues that were impacting aviation safety, economic viability, and longevity of REI. The purpose for the creation of the RAA is that it is necessary to deal with current and future issues of interest to the pilot and aviation community at REI.

https://raacp.org/ Tax ID 47-1771082


The Mission of the RAA:

-To advocate for all users of Redlands Airport. 

-To promote, support, and encourage the continued use of Redlands Airport. 

-To communicate the airport’s importance to the community. 

-To educate airport users of relevant regulatory and legislative airport/aviation matters. 

-To provide a forum whereby those concerned about REI issues can voice their concerns. 

-To advise the appropriate authorities regarding safety, security, and other concerns at the airport. 

-To support government authorities in carrying out their duties regarding aviation and the utilization of Redlands Airport in disasters   and public service events