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Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village Preservation



The Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village is a collection of original cabins from the late 1700's and early 1800's.

As members of the Pioneer Village, we strive to preserve these pieces of history in their original condition. We do this through monthly events where people can come out to the Village and tour the houses and talk with our members who are House Parents. We are always more than willing to talk about our houses and the history they represent and you will find that many of our members know a great deal about the history of the Houses.

On the property, we have 15 buildings (cabins, barns, general buildings) which are part of the Village. Two of these buildings (the Luken's House and the Luken's Barn) are both original to the property. These buildings have all been around for 150-200 years and take a great deal of maintenance to maintain them in their original conditions.

We are starting this fundraiser to raise funds to help with the maintenance and repairs on all of the buildings. At the current time, we only receive funds from our events, Pioneer Village membership dues, and the generosity of donations from our own members and the general public. We do not receive any funds from the State or any other government agencies and are completely privately funded. These funds don't come nearly close enough to meeting the goals which we need to preserve these pieces of history.

Our two main projects of restoration right now are the Toll House which is in need of having some of its logs replaced and the Elam Smoke House which was the 1st building moved to the property. The Smoke House was neglected for many years and we are currently in the process of taking it down and evaluating what needs to be replaced. Our goal is to have it completely taken down this year and rebuilt in time to once again use it as a functional Smoke House in time for our Spring Gathering event in 2017. Each of these projects will have their own fundraiser set up on Crowdrise as this fundraiser will be used for the Village in general. 

Aside from these projects, all of our buildings are in desperate need of preventative maintenance such as treatment for destructive insects and waterproofing of the logs (which for this we don't use modern day waterproofing methods as they are not effective on the old logs but instead we use Linseed Oil which is more appropriate for use on the wood and is used by many state organizations to preserve their log cabins).

Our General Projects are: 

  • Weatherproofing every building within the Village - This needs to be done on a yearly basis but has been neglected for many years due to lack of funds
  • Purchase of a new mower - At current we are using our own mowers in combination with the Village Tractor to maintain all of the grounds
  • Repair of various logs within the buildings which are starting to deteriorate from years of neglect due to lack of funds
  • Insulation for the Caretaker's Cabin - Currently part of the cabin has no insulation which the Caretaker lives in year round which makes it tough to keep warm in the winter months
  • Rebuilding of the Heighway Cabin as it has stood partially finished since damage from a tree many years ago
  • Rebuilding of the Kiln which is located near the Heighway Cabin

Our members have put a lot of their own money into the projects around the village but are unable to come up with all of the money which will be needed for the above projects as there is a very high up front cost. In the last year, our members have contributed out of their own personal supply of materials for the following projects:

  • All of the paths around the Village leading to the buildings off of the main driveway
  • All of the signs around the Village
  • The Frank Crabree Bridge along with the Bridge by the Bullskin Inn
  • Fixing the plumbing for the RestRoom
  • All of the fences around the Village
  • The new sign by the Parking lot announcing the events
  • Mowing/Trimming the Village using their own mowers/trimmers
  • We have also had some local Eagle Scouts who have helped out around the Village with projects of Rebuilding one of sheds which we store one of our wagons in and building benches for use around the Village

We know we have a long way to go but we are a dedicated group who wants to see these living pieces of history preserved for many generations to come. Finding a collection of old log cabins like ours in one location is becoming harder and harder to find. We do greatly appreciate any help which you can give us and if you want to know more about the village, our website is: and we can be reached by email at:



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