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Cactus Chamber Musicians

Founded in 2017, Cactus Chamber Musicians endeavors to create performance and education opportunities for the diverse ensembles and rich history of the chamber music genre.


Our Mission

Cactus Chamber Musicians’ mission is to create opportunities for performances of small-ensemble classical music (chamber music) that stimulates, educates and engages our community and honors the evolving history of the genre. We do this through community and youth concerts, a professional-level roster of affiliate, guest, and student artists, partnerships with local cultural and educational institutions, an arts management internship program, lifelong learning opportunities, and arts education programs that reach students in grades K-12.

Our Values

Artistry: By acknowledging that individual artistry is elevated through collaboration, we value the artistic excellence of our affiliate, guest, and student artists that is featured through our diverse programming and performances.
Community: We value the community that is created through musical collaboration among artists and audience, and by partnering with local cultural and community institutions and organizations, Cactus Chamber Musicians is able to participate in and extend community-building throughout the Valley of the Sun.
Education: Cactus Chamber Musicians values lifelong learning by creating educational performance opportunities, an arts management internship program, and inclusion of student artists in our programming.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Pledge

At Cactus Chamber Musicians, we commit to equity, diversity, and inclusion. To that end, we make the following pledges:

1. We pledge to welcome all people into Cactus Chamber Musicians, regardless of their race, class, religion, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, age, gender identity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or genetic information.
2. We pledge to become inclusive at every level of our organization.
3. We pledge to create and sustain equitable hiring practices, responsive work environments, and mindful institutional planning.
4. We pledge to be a brave space that explores truth, pursues hope, and fosters mutual understanding.
5. We pledge to tell stories, through music, that reflect our community.