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The Story

Mission: On November 14th, Commit2Change (C2C) and the Satya Foundation united for girls and kicked off their campaign to raise funds to hire 10 full-time teachers, and pay the school/college fees for 100 at-risk girls in India.


Who we are: C2C and the Satya Foundation are both 501c-3 organizations dedicated to creating systematic change by educating orphaned girls.  We work with orphanages throughout India that rehabilitate and rescue girls, and our mission is to fund programs that enable girls to go to school, stay in school and succeed in school,  as education is the catalyst to change.


If we could keep girls in school beyond grade 10, they would be:


·         More likely to marry 4 years later

·         Less likely to die in pregnancy/childbirth

·         More likely to have an average of 2.2 fewer children

·         More likely to have healthier children

·         More likely to send their children to school

·         Increase GDP growth by over $5 billion


Where the girls/orphanages are located in India: Mumbai, Delhi, Rishikish, Eastern Himalayas, Andhra, Bangalore.


Why: Educating a girl is the single most effective way to alleviate poverty and lift families, communities and societies