Nonprofit Social Fundraising

Everything You Need to Know

What is nonprofit social fundraising for?

Nonprofit social fundraising is when supporters post to their personal social media networks about the actions that they take related to your cause. Nonprofit social fundraising is a critical concept to understand, but can be confusing to those unfamiliar with the process. We will communicate the value, core principles to follow, and some next steps in order to use the power of social fundraising to benefit your organization.

The evolution of fundraising

Social fundraising happens when supporters want to interact with a cause, make it their own, and show the world how they give back, all through their mobile devices and social networks. It’s a profound change in how people interact with nonprofits. It’s an essential part of evolving and modernizing how fundraising works.

Most nonprofits have added some form of technology to their fundraising efforts. What began with in-person, direct mail, and telemarketing now most likely has the addition of email, online ads, and now social media.

Social media shares have a real power to result in a new donation from someone not already in the nonprofits audience. However we can’t overlook what the ‘friend-to-friend referral’ nature of these shares adds to overall cause awareness.

Many nonprofits are currently embracing this powerful shift in their fundraising. Now, more than ever, they aren’t just asking for a donation. They are also empowering their community to share their story in their own words, which brings in new supporters — and new donors.

Nonprofits are now providing tools to supporters in order to launch peer-to-peer fundraising efforts, encouraging them to tell their story in their own way, and then watching them bring friends and family into the mix to give, support, and share.

With the emergence of social media, it’s now so natural and easy to share. Social media empowers your supporters to take action in a way that actually feels right to them. And they can now share with the world in a way that’s personal to the supporter.

In addition to social media changes, we have seen a shift in the way people use mobile devices. Stonetemple research found that 58% of all website visits were from a mobile device in 2018.

How we purchase items online is changing too. The e-commerce industry found that the conversion rate on mobile browsers is about half of the conversion rates of desktop, as reported in Criteo’s State of the Mobile Commerce report.

Mobile will increasingly be where nonprofits need to engage their supporters. The move to mobile web, coupled with the engagement challenges faced by modern nonprofits, calls for a focus on mobile as a primary platform. Or at least include mobile in the portfolio of platforms for those nonprofits that currently focus on offline donations or desktop-only donations. 

What is nonprofit social fundraising?

Nonprofit social fundraising is when you solicit donations via posts on your nonprofit’s social account. However, the larger opportunity of social fundraising is when you get your supporters to spread the word on your behalf on their own social channels. It’s all about who is doing the sharing. When you add social fundraising, it creates continuous activity back to your donation page. You have the power to increase your reach, spread awareness, and raise more money for your organization.

The value of fundraising on social media

Tremendous value can be created for your organization when your supporters share their actions. Social media shares will have the power to provide real value to your fundraising programs, marketing programs, mission awareness programs, recruitment programs, and more. There’s no reason to rethink your current events and fundraisers or spend additional marketing dollars. Social fundraising can be layered onto everything you’re already doing. 

How social fundraising works

When your supporters share with their own personal network, the message will have more reach, more validity, and more effectiveness than your message alone. When a supporter takes your story as part of their own, it resonates with their networks on a much more personal level, making it nearly impossible to ignore. When supporters post and share on behalf of your nonprofit, it helps to spread awareness and drive new donations because of the following factors:

1. Reach

When your supporters share your story, it gets delivered to their personal network. These are people that you didn’t have access to before.

2. Trust

Sharing builds trust. When a supporter shares the reason they support your cause in a personal way, their family and friends trust them. 

3. Storytelling

Personal connections create incredible stories. When your supporters tell your message through their own personal experiences, it’s incredibly compelling to their networks. 

4. Authenticity

People would rather hear from a person versus a brand. The interest and motive behind a post from a brand versus a post from a person are distinctly different.

How nonprofits can get started

When your supporters are taking an action for your cause, whether it’s donating, starting a fundraiser, or learning more about your mission, they’re in the right mindset to do even more. Capitalize on this timing and ask them to share their donation, fundraiser, or recent experience.

In a world where everything is at our fingertips, complexity can be a real drawback. That’s why sharing needs to be easy. A frictionless, one-click experience that easily allows supporters to reach out to their network is a must. Additionally, a deep-integration with social platforms is necessary to create a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop.

Like with anything online, finding the optimal experience for conversion is a critical part of success. We’re talking button colors, sizes, placements, and multi-variant testing. These are the details that are thoughtfully designed and tested to be ideal for the way humans actually think and behave.

Data is paramount to growing your nonprofit as it offers valuable insights into your community. Your community is not just one big entity that reacts to your cause in the same manner. They’re diverse and have many different reasons why they are connected to your cause.

When you can take your data and leverage it to talk to your community in ways that speaks directly to them, you have a much better opportunity to grow and create even more impact.

Investment is somewhat of a taboo word in the nonprofit world, where overhead is scrutinized and budgets can be erratic. However, deciding to invest in social fundraising is a critical decision for today’s modern nonprofit. For those nonprofits who are embracing social fundraising, we know that they’ll be successful in staying relevant and continuing to not only grow, but make a real impact in the world.

And this fundamental shift is exactly why we built GoFundMe Charity. Fundraising using social strategies is a proven force that can help take both your fundraising and awareness goals to the next level. With a heavy emphasis on the best social sharing tools and functionality, our platform was designed to help the modern nonprofit layer social fundraising onto everything they’re doing.

Leveraging these strategies can make a huge difference in meeting your next big fundraising goal. If you’re not utilizing all these fundraising strategies, you may be leaving donation money on the table. When your supporters are encouraged to share, as well as donate and fundraise, you’re opening up a whole world of possibilities fueled by social network.

These days, it’s vital to craft your supporter’s journey and experience with your cause based on how people actually behave. With different goals and missions, your messaging should be unique in order to encourage each supporter to share in a way that resonates with them. Here are five strategies to get the most out of every interaction with your supporters:

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