Your Guide to Understanding
Nonprofit DIY Fundraising

What is nonprofit DIY fundraising?

Do-it-yourself fundraising empowers your supporters to raise money for your nonprofit by starting a fundraiser on their own. DIY fundraising is a new fundraising channel that can run simultaneously without taking away from any of your other efforts. Supporters are able to create their own fundraising events and charity fundraisers that are personal to them. 

How is peer-to-peer fundraising different from DIY?

DIY fundraising is actually a subset of peer-to-peer fundraising. with the main differences lying in the type of fundraiser structure. 

With traditional peer-to-peer fundraising, supporters set up personal fundraisers that are part of a specific event or campaign. Holiday campaigns, giving days, or charitable dinners are some examples. All of the money raised by those supporters rolls up to that one event and the charity is the organizer. 

With nonprofit DIY fundraising, the fundraiser organizer is in control from the beginning. They can start a personal charity fundraiser at any time that reflects their personality and passion for your cause.

What are the benefits of do-it-yourself fundraising?

DIY fundraising is a new channel largely untapped by nonprofits and allows passionate supporters to go beyond their checkbooks. If your nonprofit is looking for ways to increase revenue and get new supporters, do-it-yourself fundraising is a great revenue channel to incorporate in your efforts.

These types of campaigns don’t require a lot of management. Once your organization gets started with a landing page, structured campaign, and supporting documentation, supporters can easily create charity fundraisers on your behalf.

When you incorporate a new fundraising channel like nonprofit DIY fundraising, you’re able to  diversify your funding sources and limit your organization’s risk if one of your fundraising initiatives doesn’t go well. If your nonprofit heavily relies on one stream of funding or one large annual event, your organization’s growth and mission becomes dependent on it.

With the right fundraising platform your organization can create a dedicated do-it-yourself fundraising program to house all fundraisers and provide full control over your branding. Housing your DIY program on one platform can give you the added benefit of collecting data on fundraisers, including, dollars raised, new donors, and other important fundraiser details.

How to choose a charity fundraising platform

Choosing the right platform comes down to making sure it covers all the basics that are required for do-it-yourself fundraising.


Make sure the platform you’re using is easy to use for your supporters, donors, and fundraisers.

Data control

Bring supporters into a single platform that centralizes your program data. 

Social sharing optimization

Educating your supporters about the value of a share is a great way to encourage them to share.

How to get started

First you have to identify if your community fits the characteristics of a DIY supporter base. Consider conducting a survey to get a temperature check on how your supporters might embrace DIY peer-to-peer fundraising. Ask them about their interest in hosting their own event or being better connected as a community, and if they’re looking to do more. Once your organization has decided you’re doing to dive into DIY, it’s time to start building a program and the supporting content.

Leverage your all-stars. Board members, passionate volunteers, past donors are all great supporters that can help you evangelize your cause. Ask them to start their own DIY fundraiser and share with their network.

Build email templates as follow up communication for supporters who are just getting started. Have a few emails templates ready to keep encouraging them, thank them, and show your appreciation and support.

Resources could include DIY toolkits that provide logos, images, and placeholder story text for them to use as they build out their charity fundraiser. It can also include some ideas on how to get started, or messaging best practices. Along with any toolkits, be sure to include contact information for someone at your organization that supporters can reach out to with questions.

Consider DIY fundraising for your organization

Here at GoFundMe Charity, we provide all these great features. We’ve created a platform that gives you everything you need in order to run a successful and effective DIY program for your charity.

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