How Wolverine Human Services Used Event Fundraising to Win Big

Wolverine Human Services is a Michigan-based nonprofit that provides safety, sustenance, and therapeutic interventions for children, their families, and communities. Through their GoFundMe Charity fundraiser, the organization has been able to help even more people in need to overcome social and economic barriers so they can tap into their own personal strengths. Through GoFundMe Charity, Wolverine Human Services has been able to raise nearly $350,000 since 2013. Below, we’ll take a closer look at how they’ve used online fundraising and fundraising events to make an even bigger impact.

Why GoFundMe Charity?

“GoFundMe Charity gave our donors a new way to donate and participate, so it started to build excitement. We’ve never done the same event two times in a row. We are always thinking of new ways, or being asked by GoFundMe Charity to participate in new ways. There are always events that you can create that translate well onto the GoFundMe Charity platform.”
—Matthew Wollack, Vice President of Strategic Development at Wolverine Human Services

A system designed to meet their goals 

“The user interface is extremely simple, and as a result, it provides extra confidence to our donors. The fewer steps they have to take, the more likely it is that they are going to donate more money.”

A platform to reach new supporters 

“The GoFundMe Charity platform allows us to easily communicate our unique events and allows people to easily access those unique events. Through the platform, we’re also able to reach people that would never hear about us otherwise.
“We have so much fun with GoFundMe Charity because we get to try fun things and engage our stakeholders in ways that they’ve never been engaged before. They’re excited about those opportunities. They have new reasons to donate to us.”

Successful campaign examples

Last Chance Golf Outing

“This is the 31st year of our golf outing. Because our stakeholders are so comfortable with the GoFundMe Charity platform and GoFundMe Charity translates everything easily into our Salesforce system, we decided that it would be a great opportunity for us to keep all that data together in one place. We want to give our donors, our stakeholders, and golfers countless options to participate in our golf outing, and we know that means offering more than just a basic ticket.
“And with the new events platform that GoFundMe Charity has, we’ve been able to not only list tickets and group tickets, but also sell sponsorships on our page. Some people would be afraid to put a $5,000 sponsorship or a $10,000 sponsorship on their page because they don’t think any donors would ever have the means or the ability to contribute. But our donors understand that they have the means to do that, and that GoFundMe Charity is a safe and secure platform to do it on.”

Eminem and the Marshall Mathers Foundation

“Eminem and the Marshall Mathers Foundation are our largest private donors, and donated $100,000 in cash to our foundation. When Giving Tuesday started, we asked if they wanted to join up with us and match donations.
“We let Eminem do his magic on Giving Tuesday, and the rap community came through. We were able to raise about $75,000 in less than 24 hours through the GoFundMe Charity platform. That was the moment when we realized that online fundraising is big.”

Enhance your events

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