Fundraising On Social Is Not Social Fundraising

What is social fundraising?

One of the biggest misconceptions of social fundraising is that it means to be active on social media using your nonprofit account. Social fundraising for nonprofits is when you get your supporters to spread awareness about your nonprofit on their own social channels to their personal networks

What's the difference?

Adding social media doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel or change your event all together. Rather, if you layer social fundraising on top of what you’re already doing, you have the power to increase your reach, spread awareness, and raise more money for your organization.

Fundraising on social

Who posts

  • You – a nonprofit


  • Organic: a limited section of your current followers
  • Paid: potentially new supporters


  • Donations from existing supporters
  • Updating existing supporters on your cause

Social fundraising

Who posts

  • Your supporters


  • Your supporters’ network – typically not within reach


  • New donations from new supporters
  • New awareness reach

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