Eight Tips to Crush Your Next Ticketed Charity Event

Charity events are a fantastic way to engage supporters and build important relationships with your community. And by adding optimized and integrated online ticketing and registration capabilities to your event, you can drive even more awareness to your cause. Below, we share some best practices so your ticketed charity event can help you raise the funds needed to support your mission.

Use these tips to make the most of ticketing and registration   

Charity events like galas, dinners, and 5ks are the cornerstone of many nonprofit fundraising programs. But these events can also be the most complex and time consuming. These tips can help you save time and engage supporters in new ways through the ticketing and registration process.

1. Start early 

It can be a common practice for nonprofits to start selling tickets only after actual invitations are delivered to their supporters’ physical or digital mailboxes. However, ticket pre-sales can be a great way to give incentives to early birds, like offering slightly lower ticket prices.
Make sure you set up your ticket-selling platform far in advance. Encourage your host committee to start selling to their network as soon as you’re ready. When you capitalize on those early ticket sales, you can get a jump start on your most passionate supporters, then spend more time later on cultivating new supporter attendance.

2. Optimize for mobile

People are on the go. They’re most likely getting your invitation as they’re on their morning commute, at work, or walking around campus. So make sure that your fundraising event management platform is completely optimized for mobile. When you design your campaign for the way people actually live, you’ll end up creating a seamless experience that will lead to better engagement with your supporters.

3. Use ticket types creatively

Think about the various types of tickets you can offer that will help increase excitement with your supporters and revenue for your cause. For example, is parking a mess at your venue? Offer supporters a VIP parking pass option for an extra $15.
Do you have hats, tee shirts, or other merchandise that you’ll be selling at the event? Think about how you can get creative when you’re setting up your ticketing, and offer items as add-ons to the ticket purchase. Other add-ons can include extra dessert or drink tickets and after-party entry tickets.

4. Create an engaging event page

After supporters visit an event page, they will often check YouTube or a nonprofit’s Instagram account to see what the event actually looks like before they decide to register and buy a ticket. To prevent this traffic from leaving your event website, make sure your page is full of pictures, videos, and detailed information that will entice people to purchase a ticket.
Include dress code information, parking details, photos of the venue, updates on what types of food and drink will be served, and information on the overall vibe of the event. If you’re hosting a musical act or another performer, include sound bites or video clips to get people excited about what they’re going to see and hear.

5. Motivate your supporters

No matter how good your message or how compelling your cause, supporters can waiver over the course of a campaign. You need donors to keep giving and sharing, and you need your supporters to continue telling others about your cause. But how?
A little healthy competition can really make a huge difference. Simple things like progress bars and leaderboards go a long way, and you can even kick it up a notch with special challenges, giveaways, and promotions.
Another way to motivate supporters is by reminding them of the amazing work their donations support. Share a compelling story of an individual or community who benefited from recent donations, and remind supporters that your charity event will help your organization do even more good work.

6. Give people plenty of opportunities to share

Supporters can use the power of social fundraising to authentically showcase why they’re excited to take part in your event and why your cause is so important to them. When they post about your event on their networks, they are driving incremental donations, ticket sales, and awareness about your cause.
When supporters share with their friends and family that they’re at your event and they donated, they’re telling the story in their own way. Here are some other tips about sharing:

  • Ask your guests to share their donations on social networks on their mobile devices.
  • Include the power of sharing in all communication including emails, flyers, and social media messaging.
  • Encourage your emcee to talk about how powerful it is to have support from the guests.
  • Create a hashtag for your event and post it on every touchpoint.
  • Don’t forget to ask your event volunteers and committee members to share with their own networks.

7. Make follow-ups work for you

Buying a ticket or registering for an event is very exciting for supporters. They’ve put their money where their hearts are and have committed to an event that means something to them. But many attendees rush through to buy their tickets, only to be left asking “now what?” once they have signed up. Use these moments to send a follow-up email to registrants that thanks them, goes over all the details of the event, and asks them to share the event details with their network.
Your follow-up message is a great opportunity to start cultivating a real relationship with these valuable supporters. After all, you want your attendees to feel valued, appreciated, and compelled to attend your events in the future.

8. Offer peer-to-peer fundraising

Giving your supporters the opportunity to create an individual fundraising page can effectively help to tell your nonprofit’s story as well as further your brand.
Using an integrated peer-to-peer fundraising platform helps create a holistic event that supports both the individual nature of your attendees and supporters and also perpetuates your brand and mission.

Event prep with advanced ticketing and registration software

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