Five Supporter Actions That Drive Donations

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When most people think of fundraising, they think of the end result being a donation — a monetary contribution to their nonprofit. But what if the end result of successful fundraising was more holistic and had much more impact on the multiple goals you’re trying to tackle everyday?
When you incorporate social fundraising into your mix, you can go beyond the donation and crush all of your goals, from monetary to awareness and beyond.

Encourage these supporter actions

1. Visiting a fundraising campaign page

Although not everyone who lands on your campaign page will donate, they all should have the opportunity to share what they learned, what they did, or how they connected to your cause. 
You put forth the effort to get them to your latest campaign. If for whatever reason they can’t give at the moment, they could still be providing value to your organization by sharing that campaign out via social media.
Just because someone isn’t able to donate at that particular moment, it doesn’t mean there isn’t value in sharing what about your cause resonates with them with their own network.
We’ve found that the average amount of donations generated by a visitor’s share is $13.

2. Making a donation

People love to spread the word about a donation that they just made. Not only does it show their personal networks that they’re altruistic, but it also shows the world what they believe in.
And, often the sharing of a donation results in new donations.
We’ve found that the average amount of donations generated by a donor’s share is $15.

3. Buying a ticket or registering for an event

You’ve got an event coming up. People are buying tickets and registering. There’s really no reason why they shouldn’t have the opportunity to share with their personal network about the awesome event they’re gearing up to attend. 
Attendees inherently like to go to these things with family and friends, so this gives them an opportunity to not only recruit additional people to attend, but it also gives them a reason to share with the world what they care about and what they stand for.

4. A memorable experience with your nonprofit

A patient saved by the research of a nonprofit, an animal that received a forever home, a granddaughter of someone affected by a disease, a volunteer trying to make their streets safer, a Mom fighting on behalf of their child. Whatever the reason, these are amazing stories to be told. And though they have a common thread, they are all unique. 
Empower your supporters to be brand ambassadors and share their personal connection with your cause. It’s the most powerful form of authentic advertising and the audience it is reaching resonates with the message in a more personal and compelling way due to their connection with the person posting.

5. Creating their own peer-to-peer fundraising campaign

The most valuable of all the shares is when a peer-to-peer fundraiser, who created a campaign on your behalf, shares their campaign with their personal network. 
When a passionate supporter creates their own campaign, they’re saying louder than ever what they care about. By taking the time to create a campaign on your behalf and then sharing it with their networks in order to get donations and create awareness, your supporter is taking a profound action.

Go beyond the donation

We outlined five reasons why you should always think more holistically about going beyond the donation. These passionate supporters are at your fingertips and when you embrace social fundraising as a component of your fundraising strategy, magic happens. 
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