The Most Effective Nonprofit Guide to DIY Fundraising

Do-it-yourself (DIY) fundraising is one of the most exciting growth opportunities for nonprofits, and one of the fastest-growing types of peer-to-peer fundraising. We’ve worked with some of the largest nonprofits in the world to create DIY fundraising programs that help propel their mission and give supporters the opportunity to help in a way that’s highly personal and convenient to them. With a wealth of information from nonprofits we’ve worked with, we developed this nonprofit guide to DIY fundraising so that your organization is set up for success as you navigate the DIY fundraising world. 

What is DIY fundraising?

DIY fundraising is a new fundraising channel that empowers your community of supporters to raise money on your nonprofit’s behalf by starting a fundraiser of their own at any time — without cannibalizing any of your other campaign efforts.
DIY refers to your supporters having the flexibility to create an event or fundraiser that’s personal to them and not attached to a larger nonprofit event. Your supporters can get creative, have fun, and support you during a time that works best for them in any way that they want.

How is DIY different than peer-to-peer fundraising?

In peer-to-peer fundraising, supporters are encouraged to start a fundraiser for an organized event like a marathon or seasonal campaign. This differs from DIY fundraising where you are empowering your supporters to create a fundraiser whenever they want in the name of your cause. By creating a DIY fundraiser, they’re not attaching their campaign to an event you’re running at a specific time, they’re simply raising money for your nonprofit as a whole.

“I think for us, we’re so fortunate to have thousands upon thousands of volunteers all over the country that are very passionate of our mission, whether they’ve lost someone to the disease, if they have someone in treatment, or in the case of those who are in treatment, they just want to give back and support the organization that’s helping them get through really tough times with blood cancer.“ – Colby Marple, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Run a successful DIY program

DIY is an exciting new fundraising tool in many nonprofits’ toolboxes.  What do you need to run a DIY program for your supporters?

A landing page

Guide users through an intuitive fundraiser creation process with a beautifully designed landing page.

A peer-to-peer fundraising platform 

Allow your fundraisers to start a campaign in minutes, and encourage them to share with the world.

Educational materials

Utilize toolkits that share your mission, your appreciation, and best practices for setting up a personal fundraiser.

The benefits of DIY fundraising

1. It’s like winning the lottery for your nonprofit

DIY fundraising isn’t taking money or time away from other initiatives that your nonprofit may have, like raising money for a specific race or event. When introduced as another fundraising opportunity, it adds incremental dollars to the mix that can be utilized wherever your nonprofit needs funding the most. 

2. Set it and forget it

The time needed to start and maintain a DIY fundraising program is significantly less compared to the time it takes to host and run a large event or giving day campaign. When you use a platform like GoFundMe Charity to host your DIY program, you’re allowing your supporters to do most of the work for you. 

3. Fundraising diversity

DIY fundraising allows for other fundraisers to have their ups and downs while DIY fundraising can help pick up the slack. If you rely heavily on one large annual event, your organization’s growth and mission becomes dependent on it. But when you have year-round DIY campaigns running, it diversifies your funding sources and limits your organization’s risk if one of your fundraising initiatives is disrupted.

4. Brand control 

Supporters are already all over the web starting fundraisers for your cause. When you house them in one place, you’re not only able to foster a sense of true community with your fundraisers, but you can control the way your brand is being used.

5. Collect data from your supporter's fundraisers

Data is so important to the modern nonprofit. When your DIY fundraisers are all on one platform, you’re able to obtain all of the data that they bring in with their social sharing efforts. Their friends and family are now in your database, and have a trusted voice that led them to your cause.

Before you get started

DIY fundraising has to be a commitment that’s aligned within your entire nonprofit if you want to be successful. Educate your board members on the benefits of DIY fundraising and ask them to kick off your program by creating DIY fundraisers of their own. Also, make sure your employees are trained to talk about DIY fundraising when they’re out in the field talking to donors. 

Why GoFundMe Charity is the best platform for DIY fundraising

GoFundMe Charity is a true enterprise solution for nonprofit DIY fundraising. We designed our platform as a place to grow for the modern nonprofit who is eager to embrace the way fundraising is moving. Below are a few of the main reasons GoFundMe Charity is the right choice for your nonprofit fundraising needs. 

Social fundraising

Every campaign is fully optimized for social sharing integrations.


We designed GoFundMe Charity to be the best fundraising experience on a mobile device in the industry. You’re able to easily create, launch, and manage beautiful and customized fundraising campaigns on any device.

Unlimited ticket types, waivers, promo codes

If you do hold a fundraiser around a specific event, or if you want to reward fundraiser organizers with promo codes, there will be no shortage here. 

Custom donate forms for all campaigns

If you want to collect additional donor information you can customize your donate forms to ask for the information you need.

Get started with DIY fundraising

DIY fundraising is all about empowering and encouraging your supporters. Start your nonprofit fundraiser on GoFundMe Charity today so that your supporters can join your cause and raise money with you. 

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