How ‘Jam Kancer in the Kan’ Used GoFundMe Charity to Make an Impact

The New Jersey-based nonprofit Jam Kancer in the Kan has found massive success in online fundraising through GoFundMe Charity. Founder Jamey Crimmins launched his initial GoFundMe Charity fundraiser in 2016 and has since raised over $100,000 to provide relief and support to families of children with cancer. Below, we’ll take a look at how Jamey used fundraising minimums and other platform features to hit his fundraising goals—and then some.

About the event

Kancer Jam works with NHL players, who they call Jambassadors, to host a charity Kan Jam tournament. Kancer Jam hosts the event and uses the GoFundMe Charity team platform. Then, supporters are able to raise money to play Kan Jam next to one of their favorite NHL stars.
As their Kancer Jam program has grown, they have expanded and encourage people of all backgrounds to put on their own event, whether they’re an NHL star or a little kid on Long Island who wants to host a Kancer Jam event as part of their bar or bat mitzvah. In order to play in the events, all supporters have to do is raise the determined fundraising minimum.
“Having not been computer savvy, when looking at GoFundMe Charity, I was super impressed by how easy GoFundMe Charity was to use. Then I had to sell the platform to the people who were fundraising with us—but I knew that if I could do it, they could do too. It’s really that simple. You set up a URL, you push it out socially, and people make donations. It couldn’t be easier.”
—Jamey Crimmins, founder of Jam Kancer in the Kan Foundation

Insights from Jamey Crimmins of Jam Kancer in the Kan

On modern event fundraising

“We did our first Kancer Jam tournament without GoFundMe Charity and raised $14,000 dollars. We literally had people bring checks to the event. When summer came back around I wanted to do another event, and I discovered GoFundMe Charity. It made our lives a lot easier because we didn’t have to manually handle everything. We had the ability to bring it online and say to our networks, ‘Here, you have a unique URL. Go ahead and push that out to your donors and supporters.’
“We went from $14,000 and 24 participating teams to 32 teams raising $44,000 on GoFundMe Charity. The following year we went to 36 teams and raised $70,000, and we just keep going. GoFundMe Charity makes life really easy.”

On fundraising minimums

“This year our fundraising minimum was $750 dollars. The participants know going in that they have to meet that minimum by the day of the event or their credit card will be charged the difference. Some of our people just like to write a check for $750 dollars and be done with it, and that’s fine. Some people don’t put a penny of their own money in, but they hit or exceed $750. That’s the beauty of GoFundMe Charity. We have people who have raised $6,000 or $7,000.”

On social fundraising

“The common theme is the impact cancer has had on our supporters. They have lost friends and loved ones and want to start an event. One woman saw what we do on Facebook and sent us a message saying that her kids love Kan Jam and they wanted to do a fundraiser for their bar mitzvahs.
“We actually went and ran it for them. It was amazing, and these kids raised $7,000. So it doesn’t matter how much you raise, it matters that you get involved. If it wasn’t for those three kids in Randolph, New Jersey doing their Kancer Jam, then the next kid wouldn’t have heard about it. And somebody else is going to hear about the next kid’s fundraising, and there’s going to be more of them after that. It’s that simple.”

On having a dedicated support specialist team to help

“When the first DIY bar mitzvah Kancer Jam happened, our dedicated success member from GoFundMe Charity worked directly with the family and they set up the page. We give them our branding and the look we wanted, and GoFundMe Charity put it all together on a customized page. It’s very quick and very simple and easy to execute.”
—Jamey Crimmins, founder of Jam Kancer in the Kan Foundation

On adding fundraising minimums to your fundraising events

“Fundraising instead of purchasing entry is something that we always, always encourage partners to check out. How Kancer Jam requires its supporters to raise a minimum of $750 in order to gain entry into the event is the same. With fundraising minimums, you can hold people accountable for the commitments that they’re making.
“The best part about fundraising minimums is that most fundraisers go above their required amount. So even when asked to raise $100 for entry, most of them will go above and beyond that. The charity ultimately ends up raising more money than had they just asked for a donation or had they just asked for a ticket sale.”

Try fundraising minimums for your event

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