Your Supporter’s Megaphone Is Larger and Louder Than Yours

When your supporters share with their own personal network, the message will have more reach, more validity, and more effectiveness than your message alone. The power of the crowd is real. When a passionate supporter embraces a nonprofit’s story as part of their own, it resonates with their networks on a much more personal level, making it nearly impossible to ignore.

Why do posts by your supporters work so well?

When your supporters post and share on behalf of your nonprofit, it helps to spread awareness and drive new donations because of the following factors:
They can help expand your reach to new potential donors.
People trust their friends and family’s opinions.
They provide unique storytelling opportunities for your cause.
People want to hear from their friends and family more than brands.

1. Expand your nonprofit’s reach

When your supporters share your story or campaign, it gets delivered to the personal network they’ve built.  
The average person has 155 friends on Facebook. So a single share has a 155x multiplier on the number of people it can reach.
Most importantly, these are all people you don’t have direct access to and probably couldn’t reach even if you tried.

2. Your supporters help build trust

When a supporter shares the reason they support your cause in a uniquely personal way, their family and friends trust them. 
When they talk about your cause, it puts you in the best possible light for getting new supporters.
For example:
Think about restaurants — When you’re looking for a bite to eat in a new place, how do you decide?

  • Recommendations from friends
  • Peer reviews
  • The power of personal recommendations works just as well for nonprofits as it does for retail, hotels, and restaurants

3. Supporters provide unique storytelling opportunities

Personal connections create incredible stories, When your passionate supporters tell your message through their own personal experiences, it’s compelling to their networks.
It’s the personal connection that makes the story so compelling to a supporter’s network of friends and family. You care about the people you know, and what they care about.
In order to pave the way for successful storytelling, try to let go of the controls a little and allow your brand story to be told with some freedom, based on the personal connection each supporter has with it.

4. Supporters allow for more authenticity

People would rather hear from a person versus a brand. Which of these two posts feels more authentic and would get you to think about buying the boots?

Why you should encourage supporters to share

When your supporters share information about your nonprofit they help expand reach, build trust, produce personal stories related to your cause, and establish authenticity. Claim your nonprofit and start raising money today.

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