How EB Research Partnership Raised Money for Skin Disorder Research

EB Research Partnership (EBRP) is a nonprofit focused on funding research aimed at treating and curing Epidermolysis Bullosa, a group of devastating and life-threatening skin disorders that affect children from birth. Each year, community members hold amazing self-organized fundraising events benefiting EBRP in their hometowns to further the shared mission of curing EBRP. Supporters also fundraise annually by participating in endurance events like the TCS NYC Marathon, United Airlines NYC Half Marathon, and the Five Boro Bike Tour. Read through some of the tips and tricks that helped the EB Research Partnership raise over $1.7 million for Epidermolysis Bullosa research.

EB Research Partnership’s favorite GoFundMe Charity features

According to Michael Hund, Executive Director at EB Research Partnership.

Why GoFundMe Charity was the best fundraising platform for their nonprofit

“GoFundMe Charity in a silo can be seen as just this technology platform that’s there if you need it. But making it part of the daily conversation and culture has been a great way for us to maximize the results driven by GoFundMe Charity.
I think GoFundMe Charity provides a small stone, big ripple approach. The stone being the platform that you provide and the ripples being the ability to reach far out into the communities of people’s individual networks and provide them an easy way to be an ambassador and to raise awareness and funding for the causes that they love. To make it as easy and as simple for people as possible – that’s what GoFundMe Charity has always done.”

Easy-to-use interface that can have multiple administrators

“From the very beginning, GoFundMe Charity has offered EB Research partnerships the ability to provide an intuitive, clean, fun solution to our organization. Whether you’re lean or have 500 employees, GoFundMe Charity is very clear for anybody, regardless of their background or technical technology experience to use.”

EB Research Partnership’s most successful annual event

Plunge for Elodie

“This campaign was largely driven by Elodie and her family, friends, and network. Our role was just to support their initiative and support their efforts in any way we could. We helped set them up with GoFundMe Charity and make sure that they could use the platform and have the technology solution. I’d say we put a very small amount of gas in the engine, but that car was already driving itself. They were just totally DIY, totally motivated and inspired on their own. 
GoFundMe Charity really provided them a tool that they could plug into their already successful model. And it took off to such a successful degree. We didn’t do much other than just say, ‘Thank you. We are here, we support you in whatever we need and go, go, go. We’re right here with you.’ “

A platform that lets fundraisers focus on the real challenge 

United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

“With people who run marathons, oftentimes they’re prepared for the mental aspect of what it’s going to take to gear their body and mind up to be able to accomplish something to that great of a feat. But they’re often more challenged by fundraising and hitting their minimums. The infrastructure that GoFundMe Charity has been able to provide, you’re really creating a website and a hub for these runners. They’re focused on completing a 26-mile marathon, so anything to make their lives easier and manage it. GoFundMe Charity has been an unbelievable solution to automate that side of it as much as possible.”

Add DIY fundraising to your strategy

EB Research Partnership’s Plunge for Elodie campaign is an amazing example of why DIY (Do-it-yourself) fundraising is an exciting opportunity for nonprofits. When you incorporate DIY fundraising into a larger peer-to-peer or event fundraising strategy, you create a new way for your supporters to show up for your cause. 

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