How BvB Dallas Raised a Million Dollars to Fight Alzheimers

BvB Dallas is an organization that hosts a powder-puff football game each year to raise money for Alzheimer’s research and awareness. Started by two sisters whose father had Alzheimer’s, their collective goal is to tackle Alzheimer’s forever. Since they began crowdfunding in 2016, they’ve raised $1,797,227 dollars in the last three years. How’d they do it? Find out below.

Key features that made BvB Dallas successful 

Learn insights from Dani McArthur, Board of Directors at BvB Dallas.

Why they chose GoFundMe Charity:

“We needed a place we could advertise and push out, and that could collect our funds and show it in the right way. It needed to be user-friendly for our participants, but also offer different levels of involvement for donors. When it comes to ease of use, and the breadth of things we need, GoFundMe Charity is going to always fulfill those needs way more than anyone else.”

The advantage of having everything in one place

“Fundraisers are checking their GoFundMe Charity page every day. If they get a donation, they’re going to the website to see where they’re at with their goal. To have everything in one toolkit, from event ideas to fundraising tips, that was huge.”

A customer support team to rely on

“GoFundMe Charity understood what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and cared for us like they were in the organization with us. Like they were fighting for our cause with us. To have a team that really understands and backs us makes us feel so supported and well provided for, and we aren’t alone on that front line. That was such a great thing for myself—to have somebody I can go to in panic mode, and the calmness and kindness were fantastic.”

Having registration and ticketing built into the campaign

“Any donation of $25 or more, and in increments of $25, is a “ticket.” We hold our event at the Cotton Bowl, which fits around 20k people, so we have a ton of space for supporters to be there. We really want people to be able to go and have the accessibility to go. By just making a simple donation, each donor gets a ticket—that’s been great, the ease of that is great.”

Why fundraising minimums are so helpful

“When I started fundraiser organizers had to raise an even $1,000, and now we’re up to raising $1,300 per person. The fundraiser organizer is responsible for this amount, but they’re not doing it alone. We want somebody who really understands what we’re here for and what our main goal is, because that’s what we will push every day for 10 weeks—and we will never let someone fail at it. We have actually never had someone not be a game-day eligible in our organization, and we are very proud of that.”

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