Your Giving Tuesday Strategy: Social Media that Performs

A GoFundMe Charity Webinar

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What You’ll Learn

2020 has been a tough year for nonprofits. By refining your Giving Tuesday content strategy, your nonprofit can still finish the year strong.

With insights from our seasoned GoFundMe marketing experts, you will be able to confidently plan your Giving Tuesday content strategy and take advantage of the upcoming giving season.

We’ll talk about: 

  • Using social media tools to lighten your workload
  • Standing out on social media through effective storytelling
  • Planning out your Giving Tuesday posting frequency
  • And more

Meet the Speakers

Kelsea Little, Senior Manager of Brand Content

Kelsea Little is a storyteller with heart. Since joining GoFundMe in early 2013, she helped build the company’s editorial strategy from the ground up. Whether it’s coordinating live events, producing video documentaries, or rallying online communities around a cause, Kelsea believes that stories have the power to move us to action.

She is also the host, creator & producer of GoFundMe’s podcast, “True Stories of Good People” and interviews everyday heroes around the world who are working to positively impact their communities and improve the lives of their fellow humans. 

Brittany Cabriales, Head of Socials

Over the past 6 years, Brittany Cabriales has been the leader for social media marketing at GoFundMe—growing accounts from just several thousand followers, into platforms that reach millions.

She has created viral videos, worked with notable influencers, aligned digital strategy across departments, and collaborated with media agencies to produce highly engaging, award-winning campaigns. Brittany believes every piece of content should tell a story and inspire every member of your audience that they can do the same.

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