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Giving season tips and tricks for organizations of all sizes

What is Giving Tuesday about and when is Giving Tuesday?

Started on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012, Giving Tuesday is a global and national day of giving fueled by the power of social media. Because it is held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the Giving Tuesday history has been focused on becoming the kick-off to the holiday giving season. With 30% of annual giving occurring in the last month of the year, it’s a great time to jump-start your holiday fundraisers and communicate actively with your supporter base to encourage generosity and form a united effort to give back.

How does Giving Tuesday help nonprofits raise more money?


Each year, Giving Tuesday gives nonprofits a day to rally their supporters and set focus on their end-of-year fundraising strategies. Data shows that in 2018 alone, Tuesday giving day surpassed a billion dollars in donations. Not only does the day increase awareness for great causes, but it also helps nonprofits get their message out and encourages their supporters and members of communities to participate.

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Giving Tuesday ideas for nonprofits

Given the social nature of Giving Tuesday, it’s important to not skip on peer-to-peer fundraising in order to leverage all of the social fundraising opportunities available in addition to your main social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as your blog. Look for a peer-to-peer platform to host your ”Give Back Tuesday” fundraiser that has the right social fundraising tools you need to reach your goal. See our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Best Practices for more help.

Often foundations, businesses, or nonprofit fundraising platforms will host giving competitions in honor of Giving Tuesday. Fundraisers typically include contests aimed at matching funds, challenges designed to reward those who raise the most, or one-day giving fundraisers that harness the spirit of the season. If your nonprofit is unsure about running your own fundraiser, it may be good to partner with another organization or company and take advantage of their reach.

If your organization has the capabilities, another great option is to host your Giving Tuesday fundraiser on your own website. Be sure to incorporate social sharing and messaging that compels your supporters to not only give, but to share as well. Supporters need to be encouraged to share in order to really grow your fundraiser.

The GoFundMe Charity donate button makes it easy to raise money on any website. Learn more about how to create a donate button.


This is a great time to host a charity event. Whether it’s a bake sale or a fundraising dinner, it’s a good excuse to rally your supporters and leverage the giving power of the day. You’ll want a hub where donations can be made, tickets can be purchased, and people can easily join teams. This also serves as a place to direct supporters via other types of communication, such as direct mail, phone calls, emails, and social media posts. Learn how to promote nonprofit events and read our nonprofit event planning tips to get prepped.

With all the hype and competition for attention on such a big day, it’s hard for any nonprofit to know where to start. If your organization is new to the Giving Tuesday movement, a great way for any organization to begin is by exploring these four Giving Tuesday ideas for nonprofits.

Giving Tuesday fundraising tips

Talk to your supporters in ways that are meaningful to them. One way to do this is by segmenting your audience based on action. Perhaps you want to reach out to everyone who donated to your last Giving Tuesday fundraiser and deliver a specific message to them. Customized messaging is more likely to draw your audiences’ attention and get them to donate or share your fundraiser.

Before the Giving Tuesday date approaches, make it easy for supporters to learn, give, and even start their own fundraiser. Strategically-placed buttons, compelling text, and images, such as videos or high-quality photos, can help encourage supporters to share or get involved. 

Another great way to keep supporters engaged is by incorporating social fundraising into your fundraiser page. Social fundraising for nonprofits is how supporters want to interact with your cause and show the world what they care about. Use a charity fundraising platform so you can offer updated functionalities, leaderboards, and even thank-you messaging to keep your supporters interested and celebrate your successes.

Do-it-yourself fundraising is one of the best ways to get supporters engaged with your story or cause. When you allow for nonprofit DIY fundraising, you’re opening up the door for your supporters to start their own fundraiser on your organization’s behalf. 

Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to encourage supporters to create fundraisers so they can reach out to their friends and family and ask for support. Starting a fundraiser for Giving Tuesday gives your supporters a great opportunity to leverage the urgency of the day. Have supporters kick off their fundraisers before or on Giving Tuesday. They can then run them through the holiday season to ensure their goals are met. 

Create a fundraiser that is unique to your cause. Tailor the messaging to your community so they know how their donations will be used by your organization. Explain how their contribution will impact your mission and how they can help you achieve it. Remember to give details about your goal and when you need to meet it. Leverage the urgency of giving season and year-end goals.

Create a series of social posts dedicated to Giving Tuesday. Posts can contain momentum building posts, such as countdowns to the big day, milestone markers, thank-you shout outs, and more to reach your supporters. Use any social media avenues your organization has access to in order to reach supporters.

Start out by sending an email reminding and educating your supporters about Giving Tuesday. Remind them about the importance of the day and your goals for the year. Making them a part of your team and asking them to help you reach your milestones is a good approach as well. Craft a message that shows your supporters how their contributions make a real-life impact on your cause. By giving specific examples of those helped by your organization, you can draw a connection between the contributions your supporters make and the direct impact of their gift

Make it easy for people to support your cause in any way. Not everyone will be able to create a fundraiser or donate, but you can ask them to share your cause. Ensure that your messaging encompasses everything they can do to support your organization.

Once your nonprofit is ready to really ramp up your efforts, you can kick off even more strategies to ensure a successful Giving Tuesday. With these fundraising tips, you’ll be on the right track to hit your year-end fundraising goals and prepare for future philanthropy events like this.

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All of these tools help to create a charity fundraiser that helps nonprofits make the most of their Giving Tuesday as well as the entire holiday giving season.

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