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Because the best fundraising technology should be within reach
for charities of every size.

Free Free
Platform Fees
0% 3%
Processing Fees
1.9%+$0.30 2.2%+$0.30
Donor Tipping
Optional None
Donor Covered Fees
None Optional
Donation Net Amount
Guaranteed 97.5% Between 94.5% to 100%
GoFundMe Charity Platform
Unlimited Access Unlimited Access
Price Per User
Free Free

GoFundMe Charity
comes with access
to our entire suite:

Unrestricted data

Full access to a robust report center with all of your donor and fundraising data in one place

Full brand control

Your donate buttons, campaigns, and emails reflect your brand and voice

Powerful integrations

Free integrations with your existing platforms and big data tools (like WordPress, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more)

Unlimited campaigns

As many events, pages, fundraisers, and team members as you need, complete with full configurability

Our mission is simple

We want to help you raise more money for your cause, and we understand that every dollar counts. Our free fundraising platform allows you to keep even more of the money you raise so you can focus on your mission without worrying about financial barriers. Read more about our mission in this letter from GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon.

Questions & Answers

It’s important to understand that payment processing fees are different from platform fees.

A platform fee is the cost GoFundMe Charity applies to our world-class functionality and service. Processing fees are costs associated with third-party payment processors and are not set by GoFundMe Charity.

While GoFundMe Charity doesn’t charge a platform fee to charities using our Free plan, payment processing partners charge a standard processing fee (2.2% + $.30 per transaction). This allows for secure credit card processing, safe transfer of funds and accurate, automated receipting for tax purposes.

These payment processing fees are applied to the donation total. For example, if someone were to donate $100 through GoFundMe Charity, the payment processing fee would come to $2.50 (2.2% of the total plus $0.30).

With the Donor Covered Fees option (offered through the Flex plan), donors have the option to cover all fees, including processing fees, during donation. On average, 93% of donors choose to cover the fees. That means the majority of nonprofits that activate this feature end up close to – or achieving – cost-free fundraising. This option is available on our Flex plan.

Making our enterprise-grade fundraising platform free of subscription and platform fees is part of the GoFundMe commitment to empower organizations and make the best fundraising technology available to all charities, regardless of size, stage, or operating budget.

Contributions from generous donors allow us to keep GoFundMe Charity free for nonprofit organizations. Donors are able to leave a voluntary tip when they contribute to an organization on GoFundMe Charity, and these tips allow us to maintain our free platform, invest in building the most innovative fundraising technology, provide round-the-clock support and deliver world-class service (so you can focus on your mission).

Tipping is only available to charities who choose to use the Free plan.

No. Our plans are absolutely subscription-free, no matter which option you choose.

Switching plans is easy. You can change your plan at any time in your account settings by simply clicking the “Change plan” button and selecting your desired plan.

To edit your current Donor Covered Fees setting, click the “Edit” link next to “Donor Covered Fees ON/OFF,” make your selection, and click “Save.”

Since we have no contracts or subscriptions, you’re free to stop using GoFundMe Charity at any time. To learn more about removing your organization from GoFundMe Charity, visit the Help Center.

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