How to Pick the Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platform For Your Needs

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Peer-to-peer fundraising, or getting your supporters to fundraise on your behalf, is becoming increasingly popular in the nonprofit space. By taking advantage of peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, you can increase your nonprofit’s revenue while also raising awareness about your organization’s mission and future goals.

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What are the advantages of peer-to-peer fundraising sites?

The main advantage of using a peer-to-peer fundraising platform is that it can easily increase the number of supporters to a cause with little effort on the part of the organization. Some other advantages:

Rally more support

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a simple way to rally your existing supporter base and get them involved in future fundraising.

Reach new donors

This type of fundraising can expand your network and ultimately help you raise more money from new donors.

Ignite more sharing

Because friends and family have a connection to the person fundraising on behalf of your organization, they will be more willing to share the cause or contribute.

Make giving more flexible

Donors will have an option to contribute at any time of the year.

What features should you look for in peer-to-peer fundraising sites? 

When you’re on the hunt for a platform that will take your fundraising efforts to the next level, there are quite a few features to consider. Let’s dig into the top five features to look for.

Zero set-up fees, subscription fees, and contracts

One of the most important considerations when choosing a peer-to-peer fundraising platform is platform fees. High fees can seriously hinder fundraising efforts, so look carefully at the fine print when signing up for a service.

Do you want your donors to be able to have the option to help subsidize any payment processing fees? Are there any set-up fees, CRM integration fees, or hidden fees you need to be aware of? Also keep an eye out for platforms that require lengthy contracts that can prevent you from easily making changes to your fundraising strategy. These are just some of the points you may want to consider when deciding on what fundraising platform is best for your organization’s needs.

Social fundraising optimization

Giving your supporters and donors the opportunity to take your cause and make it their own, then share their story quickly and easily on social media is the essence of social fundraising. Social media has changed the landscape of the internet, and being able to integrate social media features into your fundraising efforts is a must.

Brand customization

Your supporters identify with your brand and overall mission in many ways. From your nonprofit’s logo to its colors, making sure your brand identity isn’t lost is definitely something to consider when signing up with a new platform.

Registration and ticketing integration

Events are an important part of the peer-to-peer world. From galas to charity walks, you’ve got people who want to show their support by registering for your event. Make sure the platform you’re considering offers seamless registration and ticketing integrations.

Image and video capabilities

When supporters share their passion for your cause using their personal narrative, they are more likely to be successful at raising money for your cause. Make sure the platform you’re considering allows your supporters to use photos and videos on their fundraising page to help paint that picture of why they love your cause so much.

Fundraiser update tool

You’ll want a platform that allows you to seamlessly update all of your supporters at once. Whether you’d like to send them an important announcement or offer a collective thank-you note, an update tool is necessary. This type of functionality also allows organizations to pull in more donations and shares by reaching out to large pools of donors at once.

Reporting and CRM integration

One of the best parts about having a strong peer-to-peer program is collecting all of the data brought in by your supporters. Before choosing a platform, be sure to know what data you’ll have access to, how deep the reporting is.

Additionally, seamless integration with your current CRM will allow you to keep all of the data in one place. Having an efficient way of seeing all your supporter data in one place can be crucial to creating successful outreach plans.

The four best peer-to-peer fundraising platforms 

1. GoFundMe Charity

GoFundMe Charity has changed the way nonprofits fundraise and manage data by offering enterprise-grade fundraising software that requires no subscription costs or contracts, and no platform fee. Nonprofits have access to advanced data reporting, powerful customizations, and free integrations with CRM tools. Nonprofits of all sizes with budgets both large and small can access GoFundMe Charity’s fundraising platform to make an even bigger impact.

2. Salsa 

Specializing in nonprofit fundraising, Salsa strives to simplify the fundraising experience for nonprofits across the globe. The site offers a CRM tool, pre-built templates, and email marketing options for nonprofits looking to streamline their fundraising process. To determine what features are most important to your nonprofit and fits into your budget, you can request pricing information directly from Salsa.

3.  Classy

Started in 2011, Classy specializes in online fundraising software for nonprofits. The company offers different levels of subscriptions depending on your nonprofit’s needs, and has event management tools to help nonprofits manage and run large events. Classy also prides itself on offering a recurring donation feature for donors.

4. Fundly

Fundly is another simple peer-to-peer fundraising option that nonprofits and individuals alike can use. For nonprofit use, the platform requires the nonprofit to build a main fundraising page, which supporters can then find and create teams from. The site also offers a VIP feature as an additional add-on that gives nonprofits phone support, training webinars, and other coaching opportunities.

Pick your peer-to-peer fundraising platform today 

When looking to incorporate peer-to-peer into your fundraising strategy and adopt a new platform, there’s a lot to consider. GoFundMe Charity wants to simplify the process and help you meet your fundraising goals as quickly as possible. Whether you’re looking to spark interest in your community, state, or beyond, we want to help you make bring your peer-to-peer fundraising strategy to life—without worrying about costs. Sign up today to get started.

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