Nonprofit Fundraising Software Guide: Solutions for Organizations

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Finding the right software for your organization’s specific needs is critical to meeting your yearly fundraising goals. With the right tools, your nonprofit can easily manage donations, connect with supporters, and plan large fundraising events. If you aren’t sure where to start, this guide highlights the different features you should look for in nonprofit fundraising software. From event registration to reporting and analytics, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right software for your organization.

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What is nonprofit fundraising software?

Nonprofit fundraising software provides a platform for organizations to analyze donor information, track donations, and manage the content on the fundraiser, just to name a few. It also provides the necessary tools and features that allow nonprofits to share their cause across other networks.

Why use fundraising software for nonprofits?

Maybe your organization wants to host a fundraising event, and you need a feature that allows your supporters to seamlessly register and buy tickets. Or perhaps you need a mobile giving feature that lets your donors easily contribute to your fundraiser while on the go. Does the fundraising software you’re looking into offer those features? 

Projects and fundraising campaigns can be streamlined like never before when your nonprofit is able to manage all of these tasks through a single program. Using the tools to improve your fundraising initiatives will help your organization gain more success. And your supporters will have an easier time contributing to your cause when the right tools and features are available to them.   

How to pick the best nonprofit fundraising software

When you’re considering how to choose the best fundraising software for your nonprofit, it’s important to weigh your options. Before searching, think about how exactly you intend to use the specific tools included in most software programs.

Event registration and ticketing

Whether you’re hosting a gala, planning a charity walk, or promoting any kind of nonprofit event to raise money, a registration and ticketing feature is a real game-changer. Nonprofit software makes it effortless for participants to register and purchase tickets for your event because you can track, customize, and promote events both large and small. 

Customizable templates

The design of your fundraiser will need to be both appealing to your donors and easy for you to manage. Customizable templates give nonprofits the ability to stand out and to make their fundraiser unique to their specific organization. The donation page, or the main page of your fundraiser, is the first thing your donors will see. It’s a place for you to make a good first impression and introduce supporters to your mission. By customizing your campaign with your nonprofit’s colors, logos, layouts, and more, you can show potential donors what your organization is all about and make the fundraiser specific to your cause.

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Mobile giving

According to eMarketer, the average US adult spends about three hours and 43 minutes per day on mobile devices. As people spend more time on apps and web browsers, mobile giving should be a priority for your nonprofit. Since convenience is key, donors can even contribute via text, giving them the option to show their support and donate anytime, anywhere. 


Peer-to-peer fundraising is a feature that allows you to ask supporters to fundraise on behalf of your nonprofit. It’s a method that helps your charity fundraiser receive new donors and reach other networks. Proven to drive donations and increase awareness, peer-to-peer fundraising also offers features that allow your supporters to personalize each fundraiser with your own colors and more. 

Team fundraising capabilities

Multi-team fundraising is a feature that allows individual supporters to collaborate with multiple teams, all under one fundraising umbrella. Individual supporters can then join one of these teams as members. Fundraising teams are a great way to incorporate some fun competition, all while displaying the power of community during a big event.   

Comparing top fundraising software for nonprofits 

Let’s take a look at some of the current crowdfunding sites that offer the top fundraising software for nonprofits. 

GoFundMe Charity 

GoFundMe Charity makes nonprofit event planning easy by giving you the tools you need all in one place. GoFundMe Charity is optimized for both desktop and mobile users and offers all of the unique features mentioned above. Nonprofits can take advantage of social media integration for easy sharing, peer-to-peer fundraising, ticketing and registration for your supporters, offline donation management, and more. Best of all? There are no subscription costs, contracts, or add-on fees. 

GoFundMe Charity offers robust data management tools with customizable reporting and analytics, so it’s easy for your nonprofit to manage supporters and donor insights. On top of that, the comprehensive theming that the platform offers gives you the capability to make the fundraiser page your very own.


Classy provides a space for organizations to raise money online with easy-to-use donation pages, events, and crowdfunding campaigns. Its software includes integration with Salesforce to provide your nonprofit with customer relationship management (CRM) tools as well as an overall view of your supporter engagement. The peer-to-peer fundraising feature allows supporters to create individual and team fundraising pages. Donors also have the option to do things like make recurring donations to the fundraiser, as well as personalize their donations with an eCard. Nonprofits have the ability to create and manage their fundraisers and events all in one place. 

Before launching your fundraiser, you also have the option of requesting a demo to ensure it’s going to be right for your nonprofit. To find out pricing plans, you’ll need to contact their team so they can determine the best pricing plan for your organization.


Based in Canada, FundRazr hosts crowdfunding campaigns for personal and business causes as well as nonprofit organizations. Their sponsorship enhancement is what sets them apart. The platform offers nonprofits the ability to include different fundraising strategies, like dollar matching and sponsored incentives, sponsor-branded campaigns, and integration with tax receipts. Their pricing options include a free plan with a 0% platform fee, and a pro plan with a 5% fee. However, payment processing fees still apply for both options. 

Choose the best fundraising software for your nonprofit 

Choosing the right fundraising software for your nonprofit’s needs is the best way to make sure you’re setting your fundraiser up for success from the very start. GoFundMe Charity is the #1 leader in online fundraising and offers a 0% platform fee. With so many customizable options for your fundraiser’s theme, data reporting, and more, you’ll have the freedom to make your fundraiser simple to navigate for donors, and unique to your nonprofit. Sign up for free and discover the software capabilities that make all of your nonprofit fundraising needs possible. 

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