The Top Nonprofit Fundraising Conferences to Attend in 2020

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Conferences offer a fantastic opportunity for your nonprofit to grow and network with other organizations and experts in the field. Choosing the right type of conference for your nonprofit is essential, and we’re here to help you pick the right one. Let’s take a look at some of the top nonprofit fundraising conferences to attend in 2020. 

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Choosing the right conference for your organization 

Before we dive in, remember that choosing the best nonprofit fundraising conference can be pricey. So, it’s important for you to choose the event that will best suit your organization’s specific needs. In this nonprofit conference calendar, be sure to choose the one conference, or multiple, that will provide the most beneficial information and resources to your organization and its supporters. 

1. Nonprofit Technology Conference

With technology being so prominent in today’s world, the Nonprofit Technology Conference is one you can’t miss in 2020. Learn about nonprofit technology tools and strategies like optimizing your fundraising campaign for the most attention and support and how to get and learn from fundraising data. The conference also covershow to leverage  technology to increase donor engagement. Hear from keynote speaker Erricka Bridgeford and her experience as the co-founder of Baltimore Ceasefire 365, and learn about conflict resolution and the power technology holds to transform your organization.

When and where?

March 24-26

Baltimore, Maryland

2. AFP Icon

The AFP Icon 2020 is the largest conference on the east coast with over 100 sessions on the topic of fundraising that your nonprofit should know. Learn about the fundamentals of fundraising, donor retention strategies, and tools to lead a successful capital campaign. Hear from over 50 fundraising professionals and speakers to help guide you with their own experiences and unique expertise. 

When and where?

March 29-31 

Baltimore, Maryland

3. ANA D.C. Nonprofit Conference

At the ANA D.C. Nonprofit Conference, you’ll learn how to expand your donor base using marketing, fundraising, and collaboration techniques in just three days. Hundreds of fundraising and marketing professionals will be at your disposal to learn from and collaborate with. If you have trouble affording the cost to attend, the ANA Nonprofit Federation awards scholarships to nonprofits with an annual revenue of $10M or less. 

When and where?

February 19-21 

Washington, D.C. 

4. Nonprofit Storytelling Conference 

The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference will guide your nonprofit through the art of storytelling. You’ll learn how to tell better stories in the realms of fundraising, leadership, and communication. Storytelling is a crucial skill your organization should master, especially when it comes to fundraising. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from experts on what it takes to tell your nonprofit’s story in the most effective and engaging ways. 

When and where?

October 29-31

Chicago, Illinois 

5. Nonprofit Innovation and Optimization Summit 

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit will give you the chance to become a truly innovative digital marketer and will help to grow your nonprofit’s experience with online fundraising. In just two days, hear from leading experts from all over the world and participate in hands-on training sessions to learn about the tools to grow your online fundraising skills and revenue. If you walk away from the NIO Summit unsatisfied, you’ll even get 100% of your money back. 

When and where?

September 29th-October 1

Austin, Texas

6. Raise 2020 

Raise is an event fundraising conference where your nonprofit can learn from and engage with fundraising experts and network with the best of the best. Learn about things like event planning and auction fundraising, different fundraising methods, peer-to-peer fundraising, and social engagement, and other product workshops. 

When and where?

September 14-15

Washington, D.C.

7. Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference 

The 2020 Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference is your nonprofit’s opportunity to make itself known among the top peer-to-peer fundraising professionals. In 2019, over 530 peer-to-peer fundraising experts attended this conference and more than 50% of the top peer-to-peer programs were in attendance. Learn all about peer-to-peer fundraising best practices and how to take advantage of this strategy to spread your nonprofit’s mission and message as far and wide as possible.  

When and where?

February 26-28

Austin, Texas 

8. Bridge Conference 

Over 2,500 fundraising and marketing experts will be attending the Bridge Conference. Your nonprofit will have three days filled with panels, presentations, workshops, and networking to give your organization the tools and tricks it needs to succeed. See how these topics are relevant to individual and corporate giving, direct response, special events, and much more. You’ll learn about the latest strategies, techniques, and innovations it takes to stand out among the rest. 

When and where?

July 15-17

National Harbor, Maryland


DRIVE/ stands for data, results, intelligence, value, and education. It’s a two-day event that includes sessions on data management, analytics, artificial intelligence, and so much more. Hear from top industry experts and explore the latest technologies by participating in interactive programs. By the end of this conference, your nonprofit will walk away feeling confident about collecting, managing, and analyzing data to gain the best insight and achieve its goals.

When and where?

March 23-25

New Orleans

10. Nonprofit Lab

The Nonprofit Lab offers development, resources, and training to nonprofit professionals. Each year, they hold a conference in a city near you to help your nonprofit improve its skills in not just fundraising, but social media, board development, communications, marketing, and management. Seventy-five percent of the attendees have at least 10-12 years of experience in the nonprofit sector as well, so you can be assured you’re learning from the best. The conference will also cover practical strategies for your organization to use in order to be more effective in fundraising and daily duties. 

When and where?

January 7- Los Angeles

February 6- Sacramento

March 4-  Newport News

March 11- Las Vegas

April 2- Madison

May 8-  Phoenix

Grow your nonprofit today by attending a conference 

Charity fundraising conferences can offer valuable insight, networking opportunities, and so much more for nonprofits looking to grow and achieve their missions. GoFundMe Charity provides the tools your nonprofit needs in order to put the fundraising strategies these conferences teach into practice. By starting a fundraiser today, you’ll have access to features like advanced data reporting, free integrations with CRM tools, and customizable campaigns. Take advantage of these conferences and growth opportunities to help not only your organization, but every single person affected by your nonprofit’s mission as well. 

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