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The nonprofit fundraising world is constantly changing with new trends emerging, encouraging nonprofits to re-evaluate their yearly fundraising strategy. To make sure you stay at the top of your fundraising game, follow these nonprofit fundraising blogs to keep up with changing approaches to fundraising. We also provided a few suggestions on nonprofit blogs to follow if you’re trying to decide how to structure your own blog. 

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The best nonprofit marketing blogs on the internet

Below, we’ve listed three of the nonprofit marketing blogs that we follow to keep up with changes in fundraising strategy.


Re:charity is a blog about the nonprofit and charity sector that was started by a man named Brady Josephson. The nice thing about Re:charity is that their blog is run and curated by an individual who is simply very passionate about changing the conversation around charities and how they operate. Rather than feeling like you’re being pitched a product, Brady shares best practices around running a nonprofit, always keeping the well being and health of the nonprofit top priority. Brady covers everything from monthly giving programs to email marketing strategy. If you’re looking for an unbiased source, start here. 


Candid is on a mission to help your nonprofit, “do good more easily.” Their blog is focused on sharing news about the nonprofit sector and their blog will challenge you to think critically about how your nonprofit is operating. If you’re looking for tips on nonprofit fundraising, specifically, they have an entire category dedicated to that. 

GoFundMe Charity

GoFundMe Charity, launched in 2019, has become the go-to place for nonprofits looking to start compelling fundraisers for any cause, partially due to zero subscription fees and contracts to start fundraising. The GoFundMe Charity blog has a myriad of resources, including nonprofit fundraising guides and blogs that cover a wide range of topics. From DIY fundraising best practices to donor retention strategies, you’ll be able to find a wealth of information related to what you’re looking for. 

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good brings clarity to the nonprofit fundraising world. Their blog is dedicated to simplifying complex subjects in the nonprofit world, aiming to help all nonprofits find success. As an example, look through this 11-Step Guide to Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns for Nonprofit Organizations that Nonprofit Tech for Good put together. From there, check out their hefty list of blog topics—you’ll absolutely find content that you can pull insight from. 

The top charity blogs you need to read for inspiration

If you’re looking for charity blogs to follow for inspiration on how to build your own nonprofit blog, these charity blogs are at the top of our list for creativity and storytelling.

GatesNotes: The Blog of Bill Gates

GatesNotes may be best known for Bill Gates suggested reading lists, but his blog also provides incredible insight into the work that his nonprofit, The Gates Foundation, is doing. This blog is a great example of the range of content you can cover with your nonprofit’s blog—GatesNotes does not limit itself to one type of blog or category. GatesNotes is light at times, covering the 5 books to enjoy this winter, and deep in other instances, like when describing how you can help fight Alzheimer’s.  

Charity: water

Charity: water’s blog and field stories are a perfect combination of storytelling and education. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the images they use throughout their content are beautiful. Tying in a mix of photos, videos, and text, Charity: water does an incredible job telling the stories of the humans their organization helps.

Save the Children

Voices from the Field is the blog of the Save the Children, and it provides a powerful call to action through storytelling. By sharing the often devastating challenges facing children in underprivileged parts of the world, Save the Children not only generates awareness around their cause, but they also encourage supporters to act. Look to their blog for inspiring storytelling that evokes action. 

Improve your nonprofit fundraising efforts

As you read through the best nonprofit blogs, research peer-to-peer fundraising platforms and make sure you pick the best platform for your nonprofit. With no subscription costs or contracts, the ability to set up event and registration through your fundraiser, and an extensive reporting center, GoFundMe Charity just might be the best option for your nonprofit. Sign up and claim your nonprofit today to get started. 

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