Looking For In-Kind Donations? These Companies Can Help

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Nonprofits welcome many types of gifts with open arms, but it’s easy for in-kind donations to fall by the wayside. These underutilized gifts are an important way for nonprofits to widen their revenue stream, and there are hundreds of businesses with robust corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that are ready to help out. Below, we share a list of companies that make in-kind donations to nonprofits through goods, services, and volunteer hours.

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What are in-kind donations?

When an individual or corporation chooses to donate something other than cash to a nonprofit, this is considered a gift in-kind. These are some of the most common non-cash gifts that corporations and individuals donate to charities:

  • Goods: Cars, clothing, books, furniture, office equipment, medical supplies, prescription drugs 
  • Services: Event planning, administrative support, transportation, catering
  • Miscellaneous: Professional services, advertising, special event space, storage

The above are just a few examples of corporate giving, but there are countless other ways for them to make a difference in the nonprofit space. There are some local companies that give donations for raffles, while there are other companies that donate food to nonprofit organizations and nothing else—it all depends on the unique offerings of the corporation and what type of CSR programs they have in place.

Why are non-cash donations important?

Not every corporation has enough cash left over in their monthly or yearly budget to make a monetary donation to a worthy cause or provide donation matching programs for their employees. But many businesses may be able to contribute in other ways that are just as impactful. 

Perhaps your nonprofit has computers that are a decade old and hardly functional, and a technology company is about to upgrade their gently used machines and prefers to donate them rather than throw them out. This is an example of a perfect match that benefits every party involved. By building a partnership with a corporation whose values align with your nonprofit’s, you can foster a mutually beneficial relationship that helps you meet your fundraising goals. 

Ten companies that give in-kind donations

From books to baked goods, the following list highlights companies that donate items to nonprofit organizations through their comprehensive CSR programs. All programs require nonprofits to make in-kind donation requests through either an online form or application process. 

1. Mattel

The well-known toy corporation helps bring joy to thousands of children every year through its toy donation program. Eligible organizations can request toys up to twice each year for a maximum of 400 toys per agency each year. 

2. Frontier Airlines

This budget airline loves working with nonprofits. It wants to help people get to and from fundraising events, so it offers airline vouchers that can be used for this specific purpose. Once you submit a donation request, you should hear back within six weeks. 

3. The Coca-Cola Foundation

A household name, this corporation is also well-known for its comprehensive community programs and has given back over $1 billion since 1984. In addition to its matching gift program, the company also awards grants to eligible 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

4. Panera Bread

At the end of each day, Panera typically has an excess of bread and baked goods that weren’t sold. Instead of throwing them out, the company package them up and donates the goods to local organizations. It also provides fresh baked goods for nonprofit events. 

5. Brilliant Sky Toys and Books

This Tennessee-based toy and book company believes that the right toys can strengthen a child’s cognitive development and change their life. It’s community program awards eligible nonprofits gift cards to purchase merchandise at their store. 

6. Kroger

Kroger supermarkets is committed to building strong and healthy communities through its Zero Waste and Zero Hunger programs. Eligible organizations are encouraged to create an online account and apply for their grants. 

7. Build-a-bear

Founded in 1997, Build-A-Bear believes in the power of having a fluffy friend. It’s teddy bear donation program awards up to 120 fully assembled teddy bears per nonprofit organization. 

8. Target

Community is important to Target, and they have several in-kind programs to give back and make an impact. The corporation’s youth soccer program provides support for registration fees, field equipment, and more. It also offers field trips and public safety grants. 

9. Darden

The Darden Foundation has awarded over $90 million in grants since 1995. Its Harvest program also collects excess food from its restaurants and donates meals to local nonprofits. 

10. Adobe

This computer software company values creativity and helping people use its products to make a positive impact. In addition to its employee donation match program, Adobe also extends pro bono services to nonprofits for design and marketing projects and also donates its software to eligible nonprofits.

Start cutting yearly expenses with in-kind donations

Goods, services, and other types of non-cash donations can make up an important part of a nonprofit’s overall yearly funding. If you need extra monetary support in the meantime, GoFundMe Charity helps you reach beyond your network of support to target new donors through peer-to-peer fundraising. Sign up today to take advantage of donor analytics, customizable templates, and event-registration software—all for free. 

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