Five of the Best GoFundMe Charity Campaigns

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Fundraising is only as successful as your campaign strategy. That said, there are many different fundraising strategies your nonprofit can target: from crowdfunding, direct mail donations, throwing an event, in-kind donations, and matching donations, to name a few. With so many different options, it can be challenging to know where to start. To give you a spark of inspiration, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite GoFundMe Charity campaigns. 

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These five charity campaigns could inspire your next fundraiser

Each of these nonprofit fundraising campaigns is unique in its use of the GoFundMe Charity platform. Browse through and see which format would benefit your charity the most. 

1. A Fundraiser That’s NOT a Drag

While this campaign is started by an individual to benefit charities, nonprofits can still take note of the brilliant foundation this campaign was built on. If you take a quick look at Pattie Gonia’s Instagram feed, you’ll quickly see that she’s passionate about three things: drag, protecting the great outdoors, and giving back. To support five nonprofits she cares about, Pattie started a GoFundMe Charity campaign to raise money for Sustainable Coastlines Hawai’i, the Marine Debris Research Center, The Children’s Home Project, Brave Trails, and the Ali Forney Center.*

This campaign is unique for a few reasons. First, Pattie did an incredible job acquiring matching donors—a total of nine companies agreed to match donations up to a certain dollar amount. Second, she maintained her branding throughout her campaign. Everything from the photos she used on her campaign to the language in her campaign story was specific and unique to Pattie Gonia. Donors love authenticity from nonprofits, and they proved that by helping Pattie raise over $128,000 for charity. 

*Funds will be distributed to each of the five nonprofits by

2. CDP: Support CDP’s critical work on environmental action

CDP provides the tools for cities and companies to measure and disclose their environmental impact properly. The ultimate goal is to help cities and companies lessen their negative impact on the environment and to offset the effects of global warming by reducing emissions.  

The fundraising campaign that CDP created is creative in the way that they convey the impact of their organization. CDP’s use of stunning images of the earth helps supporters visiting the fundraising campaign understand the impact their donation will make through visual representations.  

3. The ASCAP Foundation: You Can Inspire, Heal, Motivate Through Music

The ASCAP Foundation aims to make music programs more accessible to people around the world. They believe that music therapy can help people who are autistic, suffering from PTSD, or managing life with a brain injury. They think people should not be denied the opportunity to access music therapy because they can’t afford music education. 

The GoFundMe Charity campaign that the ASCAP Foundation created is special because they use the platform to ask supporters to create peer-to-peer fundraisers. They provide supporters with resources such as videos and photos that they can share with their network on their own personal fundraisers to help inform donors. Through inspiring supporters to take action, the ASCAP Foundation is driving donations to ensure they can continue offering music programs that serve millions of people.

4. Parkinson’s Revolution: San Francisco

Every year, the Parkinson’s Foundation organizes an event called the Parkinson’s Revolution. The Parkinson’s Revolution allows people to participate in indoor cycling classes in cities across the United States to raise money to donate to the Parkinson’s Foundation. If supporters aren’t able to make an in-person event, they can join in virtually on an at-home bike or at a local studio. 

Parkinson’s Revolution uses their GoFundMe Charity campaign as a way for supporters to register for rides in different cities and start peer-to-peer fundraisers of their own. Additionally, once a rider is registered, they send them a fundraising kit to guide them through emails and social media posts about their organization. The Parkinson’s Revolution does an incredible job using all GoFundMe Charity fundraising features in conjunction with organizing their event.

5. Banda Health: Healthcare Heroes

Banda Health is an organization that helps healthcare clinics in small villages throughout Kenya. By providing them with simple business software, clinics can keep costs and time commitments to a minimum. This allows healthcare professionals to treat more patients and give them the care and attention they need on any given day.  

Banda Health does a fantastic job of incorporating storytelling into their fundraiser while humanizing the nurses and healthcare professionals that they are helping. Throughout their fundraiser, you will find videos and photos that educate supporters and tell the story of their nonprofit. By the time a supporter has finished reading their campaign description, they know exactly where their donation is going, and they’re inspired to donate.

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As you can see from the nonprofit fundraisers above, GoFundMe Charity offers all of the tools you need in one place. From event registration to a customizable Donate Button that you can place on any website, GoFundMe Charity has everything you need for your next fundraiser. With full-feature access for no subscription fees or contracts, start your next peer-to-peer fundraiser or ticketed charity event by claiming your charity on GoFundMe to get started. 

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