Try These Fundraising Incentives to Reach More Supporters

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If you’ve ever hit a fundraising slump or hoped your supporters would be more involved, it might be the perfect time to give fundraising incentives a try. Creating incentives can help motivate supporters—and inevitably jump-start fundraising efforts. 

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What is a fundraising incentive?

A fundraising incentive is a catch-all term to describe any way your nonprofit might motivate and inspire supporters to actively start or continue fundraising for your cause. It’s one of the best ways to drum up excitement during the middle or end of a fundraiser when donations have slowed. Many incentives to get charity donations include events like contests, giveaways, or fancy galas, but the ideas in this article are nearly free and are easy to use right away.  

Benefits of creating fundraising incentives

Incorporating incentives into your nonprofit fundraising strategy can be a great way to foster excitement and get supporters involved in causes your organization is passionate about. They can help nudge people to take that first leap, or give an extra boost to some of your most devoted supporters.

Four fundraising incentive ideas   

From hosting a special get together with supporters to offering public recognition, below are a few ways to incentivize supporters and reach your fundraising goals. 

1. Share information that motivates

Many people who had all the best intentions of actively fundraising for your nonprofit may have simply forgotten—and sometimes all they need is a little nudge to jog their memory. 

You can easily do this by sharing updates about your current fundraiser through social media, email, and directly on your website. If your organization has its own crowdfunding page, be sure to post an update there as well. By sharing information about your current fundraisers, you can keep supporters in the loop while reminding them that more support is welcome and needed. Your update should include:

  • The most recent news about your fundraising efforts
  • Exciting milestones 
  • Specific ways volunteers and supporters can get involved
  • Contact information so those interested can find out more information

2. Give the gift of gratitude and recognition

Most people love being appreciated for their good deeds. To sweeten the deal, why not publicly recognize some of your most active supporters? Showing that your organization appreciates and recognizes the individuals who help keep it running can encourage others. They may want to begin fundraising or kick up their involvement a notch if they know their hard work will be valued and recognized.

3. Create a newsletter 

Sending out a monthly newsletter is a wonderful way to combine all of the above ideas. A newsletter is a more formal and cohesive way to share stories, highlight special events, and call attention to hardworking supporters. 

To make your newsletter shine, consider these tips:

  • Craft compelling headlines to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Use high-quality images to break up the text.
  • Ask someone else to review the newsletter before it’s sent. They can help check for spelling and grammar errors and provide a fresh perspective.

4. Celebrate with an event

A special potluck, concert, or similar event to wrap up fundraising efforts is something the entire community can get excited about. Your organization can use the nonprofit event as a way to celebrate fundraising milestones and offer gratitude to everyone who helped along the way. 

You don’t have to wait until your fundraising efforts have ended to bring everyone together. As an alternative, throwing a kick-off event can set the tone for the fundraiser and draw the attention of community members who didn’t otherwise know about your organization. A halfway point party is another fun way to energize supporters and keep up the fundraising momentum.  

To keep costs low, ask a local business to volunteer their space for the event in exchange for the business you’ll bring in. Or, host a potluck in a community space. 

Are you ready to start rallying support?

With a well-planned strategy and a community ready to give back, using incentives can be a successful tool for engaging and empowering your supporters to do more. If your organization is ready to start hitting every fundraising goal, consider starting your own online fundraiser through GoFundMe Charity. Sign up and claim your nonprofit today without worrying about subscription costs or contracts. 

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