How to Find the Best Fundraising Event Software

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If you’re a nonprofit looking to make the most out of your fundraising event software, it’s worth your time to see what companies are out there making waves. From designing a social sharing strategy for a black-tie gala to managing ticketing for a local run or walk, fundraising event software can help you build out an event and make genuine connections with potential donors.

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What features to look for in fundraising event software

The best event management platforms make life easier for the people behind the scenes. Both small and large scale charity events come together with the help of staff members and volunteers—but good event software can truly streamline the entire process. Here’s a list of platform features you’ll want to look for:

  • Online ticket sales and registration
  • Brand awareness and social media integration
  • Event amplification and management
  • Donation requests and competitive team features
  • Easily accessible donor data and CRM integration

Platform fees

Figuring out which charity event software has the lowest fees isn’t always easy. Most fundraising event software options have yearly subscription fees or a one-time cost, and some don’t charge at all. Software costs and fees ultimately come out of your organization’s budget, so it’s important to read the fine print and confirm you’re using the most cost-effective fundraising event software.

Customer support

All kinds of tricky questions come up when a fundraising event is just around the corner. In that important window, you’ll want to look for fundraising event software that offers free email and chat support. You’ll also want to watch out for hidden fees that may be connected to customer support. Some companies will sell you on a low cost, but they may end up charging you more for any support related questions down the road.

CRM and data management features

Industry-leading charity event management software will seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM or data management system. The fundraising event software you choose should help your nonprofit easily manage your current and potential donors. This is another opportunity to compare software offerings based on price and support.

The four best fundraising event management platforms

Now that you have an idea of what features to look for in software, you can begin narrowing your search.

1. GoFundMe Charity 

While most charity event software has a price tag connected, GoFundMe Charity offers best-in-class fundraising software with no platform fees, subscription costs or contracts.

Simple setup and 0% platform fee

With an easy and free setup, you’re able to start your charity fundraiser within a matter of minutes. And if you need any help, the GoFundMe Charity support team offers personalized support.

Registration and ticketing tools

Nonprofit event planning is hard work, but advanced registration and ticketing tools can make the process seamless. From small potlucks to large-scale galas, GoFundMe Charity’s ticketing tools allow donors to register on any device.

Robust CRM and data management features

Building and managing donor information is what leads to successful fundraising efforts. GoFundMe Charity integrates with your CRM systems and helps you connect your event, fundraiser, donor, and traffic data to the platforms you’re already on.

2. Classy

Classy uses a yearly subscription-based model to help over 4,000 nonprofits with a variety of fundraising options.

Campaign and event management tools

Classy tools allow nonprofits to access reporting and insights into new fundraising campaigns. Leaderboards and supporter data are all available within the Classy dashboard.

Dedications, gift cards, and offline donations

Donors can make contributions in memory of a loved one and send branded eCards. Nonprofits can also manage any gifts or donations that are made offline by importing them in bulk.

3. Salsa 

With three-tiered versions of Salsa event software, Salsa Labs offers solutions for over 3,000 nonprofit customers and users.

Target prospective donors and advocates

Salsa helps nonprofits build relationships with prospective donors and advocates through marketing automation and multi-channel online advocacy programs.

Direct mail fundraising

Salsa has a built-in word processor that creates labels and barcodes for large scale direct mail solicitations.

4. Donately

Over 1000 organizations and individuals use Donately to manage online donations through their nonprofit fundraising services. While they suggest a $49 monthly subscription, they also offer a startup version for organizations new to their site.

Advanced support for integrations

For nonprofits that plan on raising over $250k online per year, Donately’s enterprise model offers advanced integration support.

Donation data

Donately’s dashboard lets nonprofits use their donation data to craft effective potential donor outreaches. Their features may help nonprofits optimize their online fundraising efforts.

Mobile-responsive donation pages

Responsive donation pages ensure that the fundraising page looks its best. Donately offers pages that will look the same whether viewed on a mobile device or a desktop.

Collect more nonprofit donations with fundraising event software

Intuitive event software will help you raise more money online with less effort, improve event participation, and increase awareness of your cause. With GoFundMe Charity, your nonprofit can start collecting donations online, drive important fundraising campaigns, and receive top-of-the-line software with no subscription costs or contracts. Sign up today to create an event fundraiser in minutes on GoFundMe Charity.

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