Fundraiser Tickets Made Easy: Simplify Your Next Fundraising Event

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For most nonprofits, fundraising events are an important part of expanding your network, engaging your supporters, and raising money. They’re also a lot of work. To make sure you’re able to focus on running a successful fundraising event, GoFundMe Charity is taking the hassle out of the ticketing process by offering fundraiser tickets as a feature on your charity fundraiser.

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Ticketing made easy

Simple registration process

Our fundraiser ticket template makes it easy for your participants to register and purchase tickets for your event. It also gives them the opportunity to set up fundraisers for your cause and even share on social media during the post-registration flow.  

In addition, our ticketing tool features a streamlined checkout process and more flexible ‘shopping cart’ capabilities, which are perfect for classic ticketed events like galas and cocktail hours. It’s also fast, easy, and mobile responsive.

Fundraiser tickets are mobile optimized

The world lives on the internet, and the internet lives on any number of devices spanning all shapes and sizes.  The way we communicate is constantly evolving and it’s more important than ever to keep up. The GoFundMe Charity ticketing system is fully responsive and heavily tested on all screen sizes, ensuring your supporters have an effortless experience. 

Option for tax-deduction receipts

Our ticketing system provides tax-deduction receipts with every transaction and makes it easy for you to thank attendees and start a conversation with them.

Centralized data

One way to make organizing a fundraising event easier is to use your data. All of those spreadsheets and mailing lists contain powerful insights about your community, but they can often get overlooked. When you use our ticketing system, insights on your supporter are consolidated on a single platform so you can get a more complete, comprehensive view of your community. This makes it easier than ever to identify rock stars in your community, pinpoint your successes, and engage with your supporters.

Use fundraiser tickets for fundraising event success

By using our integrated charity fundraiser tickets and registration system, you’ll be able to do more for your mission by using real, data-driven insights about your community. There’s a lot that goes into nonprofit event planning, but GoFundMe Charity makes ticketing easy to use and set up. Sign up with GoFundMe Charity today and start a charity event that will drive donations. 

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