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I want to buy an ELISA.

And to quench your fears, no I am not buying a person.

An ELISA reader is a biomedical instrument that permits efficient diagnosis of many diseases, especially those related to hormones and proteins.

I live in Benin, and diagnosis is one of the bottlenecks over here when it comes to curing diseases. Doctors sure know a lot, but they also need help from professionals in the biomedical field to steer them in the right direction sometimes, or to catch errors that may have been made. The hard truth is that diseases aren't very easy to differentiate from one another when you lack modern diagnostics instruments.

It's not like there are no ELISA readers in the whole country, but because there aren't many, the tests tend to cost a lot. The reagents for the machine are not too hard to acquire, but the problem is the upfront cost due to the machine itself. The machines are also housed in large facilities that have high overhead costs.

My goal is therefore to launch a lean, mean, 'diagnostic powerhouse.' Let's call this approach focused diagnostics. I can start small, with tests to diagnose risk for heart disease and some cancer markers. The fact that the lab will focus on specific tests will help keep costs down.

I am now a Masters' student but will soon be done, and it would be a plus to create a lab that focuses on test panels that are not done elsewhere in the country and do them cheaply, so that people do not feel they have to travel outside the country to have them done. Those are some reasons why I would like to acquire such an instrument.

I can manage to get most of what will be needed to get a laboratory running ie lab space, pipettes, reagents etc, but I'd need help for the ELISA.

I really believe it would help me make a difference, and that is why I am here, making this plea to you. My belief is that you can help.

Thank You, and God bless.



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