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Bully4You Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc, is an all volunteer, SC licensed rescue operated by a 501©3 nonprofit corporation. We truly love saving lives. We pull dogs out of our surrounding shelters that are on the euth. lists, and give them a true chance at love and life. We take any age, any size, any breed, and any status! Once we save these babies, we care for them like they are our own. We get them fully vetted, we work on rehabilitating them, and training them. When they are ready, we find them the perfect fur-ever home for them. We also take dogs off the streets, who need our assistance, search for their families (and return them if they have one), or add them into our rescue, and find them a home. We truly believe that each animal, deserves a true chance at a loving home! Our dream, is to one day have a facility that we can fully rescue and rehabilitate the "unwanted" dogs that truly deserve a chance at life.  We truly love what we do. We want to give you an idea of some of the lives we have saved. We would like to start with the most recent to oldest! Boxer - Boxer (bully breed) was saved, we pulled him off a 4ft chain tied to a tree, he was emaciated, had a wound on his neck from a piece of cloth being tied on him so he could be attached to a chain, infested with fleas, NO socialization skills whatsoever, and no food, water, or shelter. Boxer was saved in June. It is now August, and Boxer is now fully vetted, socialized (he can play with puppies and adult dogs with no issues whatsoever), happy, healthy, and waiting patiently for his fur-ever home. You can see a video of him playing on our facebook page. Patsy - (bully breed) was an owner surrender in one of our surrounding shelters, she sat in the shelter for 4 months, and was then put on a kill list. We pulled her, she remained with us for 2 months, and we have found her, her furever home. Seth - (bully breed) was a stray, that was taken into a shelter, and was rescue ONLY, because he was "scared" to put it plainly. He was not appealing to other rescues, nor to the public, and he was going to die. We pulled him. Seth was worked with for several months to correct his behavioral issues, he became a dog that now is not only good around people, kids, and other dogs, but also cats. Seth was recently adopted and has his furever home. Star - (bully breed) was a stray, put in a shelter, and labeled rescue only because she was heartworm positive. We pulled her, vetted her, and worked with her food aggression issues, and successfully adopted her out into her furever home just recently. Minnie - (dachshund) was a "Free to Good Home Post" that was brought to our attention on facebook. She was right at "breeding age" and of course, we could not allow that to happen. She was brought into our rescue and vetted. When she was received she was scared of absolutely everything and anything. She was terrified especially of kids. She has opened up tremendously and has her fur-ever home! Hope - ( great Pyrenees mix) this is a story that always gets to me. Several months ago, I received a call from one of my fosters, her neighbor had a dog on her porch that looked like she had been viciously attacked. Here it was 9:30 at night, we all were in our PJs and I sent my husband rushing to this womans house, as I set up our back deck with medical supplies so we could assess the situation. My husband arrived at this womans house, and opened up his back door and called the dog over to him and she hopped right up into my husbands truck, sweet as can be. He brought her to me, and we assessed the situation, as I started cleaning wounds, and looking over her, I realized she was swollen and oozing puss out of her toes, and other locations. This wasn't an attack, this was a horrible case of mange. We got her to a vet, and a treatment plan was put in place for mange and a secondary infection, daily meds multiple times a day, weekly baths, and 10 weeks later, Hope tested NEGATIVE for mange. Her fur-ever humans, live on a farm, and she fits in perfectly with them and all their animals as well. This was a site I had never seen before, it was heartbreaking to me, not only because of how much pain she was in, but the sweetness from this dog, shown to humans, even though she was neglected, was nothing but pure love. Aza - (bully breed) was a heartworm positive owner surrender to one of our surrounding shelters. Again, labeled rescue only because of heartworms, and no one wanted her. Why? Because of heartworms, and because she fit the bully breed look. So we pulled her. Got her vetted, and found her a home as well. There are so many more stories I could list, as we currently have saved over 120 dogs in the short 10 months we have been doing this, we have saved heart worm positive dogs, pregnant dogs, heartworm positive moms with pups, dogs with behavioral issues, the unwanted, is what we should say, but I don't want to sit here and give you 120 stories. I want you to see it for yourself. Join us on our facebook page, and each animal we have ever saved has their very own story, very own album, they truly have their second chance when they come to us. We do not just rescue dogs, and vet them, and find them homes. We love each dog that comes through here, no matter how noisy, insane, crazy, naughty, mischievous, sweet, darling, handfuls they can be. We work daily with these dogs. To make them realize they are safe, they can be loved, and that we will not give up on them. We show them how to be better dogs, help them get the way they can be. We want to give our adopters a dog, that will fit in their life. We will work harder every day to make this happen. We WILL succeed. The reason I am here typing this big long story for you to read, is because we desperately need funding for what we are doing. We need funds for regular vetting on these babies, for the care of these babies, and for housing. We have the room on our property to put up a temporary housing facility that would keep these babies ( when we are so overwhelmed with dogs) out of the heat, and in a cool area, to help them have a better place to "temporarily" stay. We would be able to help more with this facility. I dream big for us all. We want a true facility that we can have open to the public for adoptions, and for training, and for rehabilitation, and one day it will happen. But we need help to get there. I truly believe there are like minded people out there, willing to help. Everyone has a giving heart, its up to YOU on how you use it. So we ask you, to help us, help these babies, with their daily needs, monthly needs, and help us get a facility temporarily up to provide a healthier, safer environment, until we can one day get the facility of our dreams! God Bless!



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