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EVENT DATE: Nov 13, 2014

FINAL EVENT - The Engineering Contest. Here is your chance to demonstrate your building prowess.

Each team will be given the exact same amount of building materials and 2 hours to build a “tower” that is AT LEAST 24” tall. After dinner we will then “load test” each tower to failure. The tower that supports the most weight wins! You will be provided specifics upon arrival at the event. 

Event Specifics:

Location - The Georgetown Ballroom (

Thursday November 13, 2014 at 5 PM - 11 PM.

Building Competition starts promptly at 5 PM and ends promptly at 7 PM.

Dinner will be served starting at 7 PM.

“Tower” load tests begin at 8 PM.

Final fundraising moments at 9 PM. 

Winners announced at 10 PM.

Event ends at 11 PM.

The Build Tomorrow Challenge is a friendly competition amongst builders, architects and contractors that involves a series of events and fundraising opportunities. Powered by Ceco Concrete, the events will take place in May, September and November and will culminate with a dinner and crowning of an industry champion. You’ve always wondered who is the best, so here’s your chance to find out! Each invited company will recruit 4-8 members to compete in bowling, golf and an engineering event. The better you are, the more points you earn for your team. Not doing so well at the event? You can still win - the more money you raise the more points you get! Not only is this a fun competition, you are fundraising for a great cause! Dollars raised will benefit cancer research at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s! So, come play, raise funds and talk some smack! 

Additional sponsorship provided by Cadman Heidelberg Cement Group, Ralph’s Concrete Pumping and Pacific Wood Laminates.

Build Tomorrow’s Patient Ambassador, Emilee Martinez

Before her first birthday, Emilee Martinez faced and defeated cancer. She has inspired an army of family and friends to take action in the war against childhood cancers.

In November of 2010, at her 4-month checkup, Emilee's pediatrician felt a lump in her abdomen. An ultrasound revealed a tumor on her right kidney. Emilee was immediately referred to Seattle Children's Hospital, where she was diagnosed with Wilms' tumor — also known as nephroblastoma — a rare kidney cancer that primarily strikes children. The tumor was the size of a tennis ball.

Emilee's mom and dad, Amanda and Chris, were stunned. "The diagnosis was so devastating we couldn't comprehend it," Chris recalls. But they knew their baby would receive expert care.

Emilee underwent surgery to remove the entire tumor, along with her right kidney. She then endured a 26-week course of chemotherapy. By the time she was 9 months old, Emilee's treatment was complete. She was cancer-free.

Amanda and Chris were amazed at the compassionate care they received at Seattle Children's. Chris says, "At every turn, everyone there understood that Emilee was the most important thing in our life. They treated our family as though we were the most important thing in the world."

Although the Martinez family had health insurance, they faced huge out-of-pocket costs. The Seattle Children's uncompensated care fund bridged that financial gap. "You can't imagine the relief it gives families like ours," says Chris. "It removes a tremendous amount of worry and allows families to focus on getting better."

The Martinez family found themselves providing support and information to other parents whose children had cancer. They began participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fundraisers — and still do today. "Before Emilee's cancer, we had no idea how many families were fighting this same fight," Chris says.

Today, 3-year-old Emilee is a healthy, active girl who loves to run, swim, dance, sing and play with her older siblings. Amanda and Chris describe her as "strong and sassy," and agree that Emilee's fighting spirit has served her well.

In February of this year, the family was dealt another blow when Amanda was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had a successful surgery and is receiving a revolutionary new cancer treatment: proton radiation therapy. Her prognosis is excellent.

Chris's coworkers at Ceco Concrete in Kent have flooded the family with support. They have also organized the 'Build Tomorrow Challenge' — a series of three events aimed at raising $150,000 to benefit the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children's.

Chris adds, "Recent advances in cancer research are unbelievable. By finding new cures, we will work toward the day when no family has to go through the heartbreak and devastation we've been through. Until then, children fighting cancer have Seattle Children's. We can't say enough about it — there's such a great energy there. Emilee loves returning for her checkups because everyone treats her like a celebrity. We love Seattle Children's Hospital."

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