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Buffalo's Own, Inc.

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Buffalo's Own, Inc. provides emerging artists with opportunities to grow creatively and expand into larger art markets by partnering with galleries, businesses, and other organizations in major metropolitan areas to curate annual art exhibits.

The idea for our organization emerged in 2019, when a group of creatives partnered with a popular art gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to showcase the work of five emerging artists from Buffalo, New York in a month-long art exhibit. The event was a success, leading us to form Buffalo’s Own as a nonprofit organization with a mission to select some of the best artists from the Nickel City, giving them a rare opportunity to advance their artistic careers in competitive and rewarding creative hubs.

In addition to organizing our annual event for qualifying local artists, we create opportunities for Buffalo-area artists to share their work through pop-up shows, expos and exhibits. We also leverage our growing social media network to bring additional exposure to the artists in our community through social media posts and virtual art events. Our aim is to provide platforms for local artists to sell family-friendly original artwork, art prints, books, and wearable art and other products through community events like local and regional art fairs and celebration as well as via online channels.

As we grow, we will foster a love of art among future generations by offering them opportunities to learn from working, professional artists, who can model artistic success while teaching children artistic concepts, techniques, and history through engaging, hands-on art workshops.

Our ultimate mission is to build a central resource and incubator for artists of all mediums and at all levels to grow their creative careers and build their artistic brands at the local, regional, and national levels.