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Boston Terrier Rescue Of Florida Inc

This amazing organization saves Boston Terriers regardless of their age, health or adoptability. As a result of this mission, we incur some really high operating costs. In the last 3 years, we have exceeded $100,000 a year in medical expenses alone for our foster, permanent foster, and hospice dogs. Our adoption fees only cover about 1/3 of our medical expenses so we must rely heavily on fundraising. Please donate to help BTRFL fulfill our mission of saving these sweet Boston Terriers.

https://bostonrescueflorida.org/ Tax ID 80-0020296


Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit organization committed to saving Boston Terriers who are lost, abandoned or surrendered in Florida and the Southeast United States, regardless of age, health or adoptability. Our goal is to nourish each Boston Terrier back to emotional and physical health, providing necessary medical care along with an environment that fosters trust and alleviates fear.

As a rescue organization, we rely on private foster homes spread throughout Florida, Georgia and Tennessee as temporary homes for the dogs we bring into the rescue. We believe this model provides the right environment to get our Bostons ready for their forever homes by receiving the necessary care and training while being part of a loving foster family.

Our foster homes allow our Bostons to play outside and learn how to socialize with humans and other pets. Based on this model, we do not have a permanent facility where prospective adopters/fosters can visit to see our rescues. Instead, our prospective adopters or fosters can view our adoptable Bostons  online and fill-out an application. Once approved, our volunteers will work with each applicant to find the best match for their homes.

The Pups In Need (P.I.N.) Program

The Pups In Need (P.I.N) Program is a traditional rescue, vet, foster, adopt program, but only on the surface. We are training a large and ever growing group of fosters to be specialized in the type of care they provide, utilizing a Critical Care Coordinator and a partnership with Hospice, Training Professionals, and other special care units. Most of our adoptable dogs will be provided for in this component.

The Senior Center Program

The Senior Center Program provides a safe, stable, comfort controlled environment for seniors to live out the remainder of their lives with comfort, stability, and dignity. We care for various medical needs including maintenance medications and veterinary care for the Seniors and chronically ill Boston Terriers of all ages. We also offer hospice to the terminally ill always with comfort & quality of life as our compass.

Other Special Programs

Sub-sets include Specialization Programs for Fosters, who will be trained to provide not only basic training to our pups such as house training, leash and crate training, socialization, and basic manners, but will learn to follow age specific protocols. Some will be highly trained to provide foster care for Senior Bostons, Deaf and Blind Dog services, and care for specific illnesses, such as Canine Diabetes, Seizure Disorder, Cushings, and emotional or behavioral issues, to name a few.