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Bringing Hope to Gorche

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EVENT DATE: Nov 01, 2010

Jessica Gould


Sara Saylor wrote -

Buturo was born in rural Ethiopia. I’ve tried to imagine the day he was born. I think of his first mother pushing him into the world as the sun streamed through her thatched roof. Who was with her? A sister? A midwife? What did she think when she held his little, slippery body for the first time? Did she see the husband she had lost in her infant son’s eyes? What did she hope for him when she gave him the name Buturo, which means hard worker? Did she picture him becoming a farmer like his father? I can’t imagine she ever thought he’d grow up half a world away.

Around the same time Buturo took his first breath, my husband and I gave birth to our adoption plan. We had been through two painful miscarriages. It had rocked us to the core. So we decided to adopt. The outcome seemed more certain. Eventually we’d become parents even if it took awhile.

So in January 2008, two mothers a world apart, held this new child in their hearts. She likely dreamed of a good life for him. And I dreamed of being there for a child who needed me.

Turo has been my son for over a year, and every day I am struck with a rush of happiness that I get to be his mother. It hits me right in the chest, and I almost can’t breathe. He is here. With us. We are a family.

Then in the next inhalation, I am struck with a jolt of sadness. At the core of this unbelievable joy is deep sorrow. My delight springs from pain, tragedy and injustice. I think of the women who came before me, and how they will not see Turo’s smiles or hear his giggle. This joy began with them. It exists because they held him, nursed him and comforted him.

I am forever connected to his first family, to his birthplace. He lost his first family because they didn’t have access to the things we take for granted here – water, basic medical care, an education.
And I want to work to ensure that, in the future, mothers of his village are able to benefit from the basic necessities that would allow them to watch their children grow and thrive.


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