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Bridgewater Improvement Association Inc

To create a better Bridgewater, both to look at and to live in.


The Bridgewater Improvement Association was founded in 1901 as the Bridgewater Village Improvement Society. The organization’s objection upon being created was to create a better town, both to look at and to live in. The original constitution stated the focus of the group: “the promotion of order, beauty and public welfare.” Arthur C. Boyden, head of Bridgewater State Normal School from 1906 to 1933, was voted the first president of the BIA in 1901.

From its inception in 1901 to present, the BIA has dedicated itself to the beautification of Bridgewater without the help of taxpaying dollars. In 1966, Flora T. Little, who joined the BIA Executive Board in 1904 was a long-time member, set up a trust fund for the organization called the “Little Tree & Park Fund.” In the late 1970s the BIA was responsible for the creation of the fountain in front of the Academy Building in Bridgewater. Upon the Academy Building’s large-scale renovations between 2015 and 2017, the BIA helped the town’s cause by reconstructing the fountain they originally put in during the 1970s.

The BIA remains an active organization within the Bridgewater community today.