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WING HAVEN wrote -

Our team of five professionals serves at least 50 hurting people every week.  Because of an unexpected shortfall of $25,000 from a grant this month, we must stop serving a portion of these people through June and our team's jobs will be affected…unless we fund this gap.  We are literally waiting to hear from you in order to decide whether cuts need to take place.  Your tax-deductible financial partnership today will make an immediate impact!

The Immediate Impact of Your Donation

A reduction in services would have an immediate and significant impact on fathers learning how to nurture their children instead of abuse them, mothers learning how to cope with stress instead of being emotionally absent, sons learning how to face life's demands instead of turning to drugs, children receiving healing from abuse, families learning how to beat drug addition instead of fracturing, and persons of all ages receiving career support instead of adding to the high unemployment rate.  Reducing services will also affect our team’s jobs.

Wing Haven fills a gap in services because it is the only organization providing this range of services in the local area.  There is no place else to go.  Your donation will fill this gap in funding so that we can continue to serve!   Real people's lives are in the balance.  

About the Community

The area of our country where Wing Haven provides life-saving services is stricken by addictions, abuse, poverty and unemployment.  Many know more about the problems facing persons in other countries than about the life-threatening problems in this beautiful yet economically suppressed region of our own country: the Appalachian region of Ohio.  Wing Haven faces financial challenges as a result of being located in this rural area. Most of our clients are unable to pay for services.  We invite you to be a part of saving lives and providing hope in your own backyard!

How Wing Haven Fills a Gap

Wing Haven addresses the roots of the extensive personal and societal problems with a comprehensive range of services.  We provide licensed professional counseling, empowering programs for families, and employment readiness services to adults and in the local schools, in addition to other outreaches such as a Christmas gift drive and group presentations.  We started services in 2009 and have counseled close to 1000 people, in addition to people served through our other outreaches.  We are embedded in this small community.  The local county officials, judges, and police view Wing Haven as an integral life force in the community. 

How Wing Haven is Funded

Wing Haven is funded via private donations and government grants.  We need a broader base of people to support this ministry.  This month, one of our primary government grants was reduced by $25,000 through June, thus reducing our ability to provide services to our growing client base. (The grant was reduced because the county needed the money to pay unexpected costs - not because of any merit-based decision about Wing Haven.)  The purpose of this campaign is to "bridge the gap" by raising $25,000.  Receiving this amount, or pledges in this amount through June, will enable Wing Haven to continue to serve its current clients.  Receiving additional funding would enable us to expand our client base and programs.  We have a waiting list of 100 people just for our counseling services!  

Summary: Please Donate Today

Wing Haven is the only organization providing this range of services in the local area.  There is no place else to go.  This funding shortfall will have an immediate impact.  Real people's lives are in the balance.  Please fund this gap TODAY by making a one-time donation, or a monthly pledge through June (or however long you can!).  We are literally waiting to hear from you in order to decide whether to reduce services.

The Team: $9,755 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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