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Bridges Of Iowa

Supporting Many Frontline Workers

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Bridges of Iowa is a non-profit organization in Central Iowa with 20 years of experience serving our local community. We are seeking additional financial support for our clients and frontline staff who not only increase the safety of our community directly, but also provide core services enabling some of the frontline heroes (e.g. grocery store employees) and other essential services during the pandemic.

In the past weeks we’ve enacted social distancing in our 24/7/365 residential facility, integrated CDC guidelines and medical directives for making our facility safer, migrated a small portion of our non-essential staff to work-from-home, and integrated telehealth services for the small number of clients who do not live at our facilities. All of these changes have financially taxed our non-profit greatly, resulting in expenses that we did not expect from a wide variety of areas all at the same time.

In addition to providing long-term substance abuse treatment, Bridges of Iowa also provides necessary re-entry support, including job readiness training and job placement, to help our clients reintegrate into society as productive and thriving members of our community. This additionally includes housing, food support, and―critically―direct support for staffing at local businesses through our continued drug testing, case management, and treatment services.