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Breast Advocates International

#SaveLivesToday Breast Advocates International brings early detection to under-served countries by teaching clinical and self breast exams. We break down barriers to care, stigma of cancer, financial, and transportation issues

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Breast Advocates International trains and creates a network of advocate navigators to break down barriers to the detection of lumps and early diagnosis of breast cancer while a cure is still possible.” By utilizing unique application of trained trusted community members breaches culture boundaries and reaches the isolated locales in the world. By teaching medical and non-medical advocates clinical breast exams to assess abnormal lumps for earlier diagnosis, thus saving lives.

Unlike the U.S., untreated breast cancer takes the lives of women as young as 26 years of age in economically under-developed and extreme, low-income countries. The devastation to family and community by this loss is enduring, immeasurable and must be eradicated!

Melissa Nye RN, BA, CN-BN, FNCBC and Breast Advocates International are determined to educate as many as possible, eliminate barriers to early detection services and care, and elevate localized training, clinical breast exams, and life-saving medical treatment in the least developed countries where the need is the greatest.

Presently working in Malawi, Africa A Culture in Cancer Crisis.

· Educate: Cancer is misunderstood, culture believes it’s a death sentence and doesn’t know about early detection. When it’s diagnosed, it’s at late stage because of lack of information and assistance. BAI educates local advocates to help get the message out to the village women and the teens for the future.

· Eliminate: Cultural stigmas, financial, medical and logistical hurdles that perpetuate the lack of care. Reduce loss of life with early detection and improve quality of life.

· Elevate: Clinical breast exams, early diagnosis, biopsies when suspicious lump is discovered, and connection to treatment options. Aid assistance includes ongoing training and support, psychosocial support train the trainer, and tool like breast models.

Why Malawi, Africa?

*52.4% of population below poverty level

*25% of population live at extreme poverty level

*High disease rate

*Food shortage

*Little to no access to healthcare

*Lack of medical professionals and services

*No mammography, ultrasound, chemotherapy or radiation therapy

We train and sustain teams of Breast Cancer Advocates and Care Navigators worldwide to support and propel women, communities and future generations to win the fight against breast cancer and save lives.