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<p>Bread &amp; Roses is a unique gathering of activists committed to supporting social justice by raising and distributing funds. A public foundation, Bread &amp; Roses has distributed over $10 million to groups working for access to health care; economic justice; a clean, safe environment; civil and human rights; peace; and other social justice issues. In addition, Bread &amp; Roses provides services, like technical assistance and leadership development, to grantees and donors.</p> <p>After 38 years of supporting change not charity, Bread &amp; Roses remains committed to providing technical and financial resources to the voices of progressive activism.</p> <p>Bread &amp; Roses is part of a larger movement of local and national organizations, technical assistance providers, think tanks, foundations and socially responsible business people that work for social change.</p> <p>A note about our name: Bread and Roses was the rallying cry for striking textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts who won overtime pay and better working conditions. The strike is now called the Bread and Roses strike, but the phrase itself comes from a poem by James Oppenheim published in 1911.</p>