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Brave Sky Ranch

Brave Sky Ranch exists to help others - however we can.

http://www.bravesky.org Tax ID 82-5126160


Brave Sky Ranch exists to:

1) Show RESPECT for all life - we believe this is paramount and inexplicably important. We understand that not everyone will always agree, yet our goal is to show respect regardless of one’s personal situation or beliefs. We also have deep respect for horses and their unique ability to see and reflect the heart and attitude of a human; we aim to increase awareness of and respect for the true mentors that they are.

2) Come alongside and MENTOR both children and adults (especially those who have had traumatic pasts and/or difficult circumstances) and we seek to inspire  in them a personal positive change.

3) Offer HOPE to families by positively equipping all family members with knowledge and strategies for facing life's challenges and finding joy, as individuals and as a team.

4) INVEST however possible! We devote our time, effort, resources, encouragement and hope to pouring into the lives those around us - we serve with asking absolutely nothing in return. We have been investing in the lives of others long before Brave Sky Ranch began, but we believe that investing time, resources, or anything else should begin at the individual and personal level. This leads to a changed community and a changed world. We have too often seen organizations invest in the community as a whole while forgetting about the individuals who comprise the community.  Once invested in, these individuals continue to inspire and pour back into their own community and the people stand on their own, moving forward together. Investments come in all shapes and sizes, but we never forget that investment involves risk, but we focus on the potential for increasing value over time... and we keep moving forward.