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Brave Heart Louisiana- Children in Need (Brave Heart)

Brave Heart of Louisiana - Children In Need is committed to helping meet the needs of foster children in Louisiana.

www.braveheartchildren.org Tax ID 83-0400324


     Brave Heart of Louisiana currently operates three programs:  1) to provide backpacks filled with  school supplies, hygeine products and items of comfort to children entering foster care.  2) to provide Christmas gifts to children in foster care 3) to provide Life Books to each child to chronicle his/her life events during foster care. 

     In Louisiana about 150-175 youth age out of foster care each year.  These youth do not typically have the strong network of support as youth of the same age leaving a "traditional" family.  They have many needs, but not a large network of resources.  Considering  the unique needs of these youth and the difficulty of transitioning into adulthood,  Brave Heart is now ready to introduce an additional program designed to meet the needs  of  youth  exiting foster care at age 18.  Though some youth have the opportunity to enter Extended Foster Care from age 18 to his/her 21st birthday, their transition needs still exist and go beyond what the state is able to provide.   Brave Heart's new program will  complement the state's program to bridge the gap from foster care to independent living. 

     The goal of this program will be to provide each youth with up to $200 worth of transitional provisions ( linens, kitchen supplies,  personal items, educational supplies,etc) Along with these tangible items, our program will also furnish  a life skills guidebook  to provide  access to important community resources (financial, job/career planning, medical/health and  educational opportunities)