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Celebrating Military Brats* and Third Culture Kids worldwide since 1999, by raising awareness of their unique, multicultural lives, the gifts of growing up military/TCK, and the challenges they face as children and adults.

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Our mission at Brats Without Borders is to enrich the lives and contribute to the mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of people who grow up in military and other highly-mobile, international, or multicultural families... or, as we like to call ourselves, Military Brats and Third Culture Kids (TCKs)! 

We do this by creating educational films, programs, and public exhibits that:

  • acknowledge the existence of Military Brats and TCKs as a unique subculture, with a shared identity so powerful it crosses all lines of race, gender, age, and class;
  • celebrate, validate, and share their experiences;
  • raise awareness of the benefits and challenges of this unconventional lifestyle; and
  • provide a sense of "home" through which they can connect and belong.

(Please note: “Brat” is an historic reference to military children, based on the acronym “British Regiment Attached Travelers.” Currently, there are 1.2 million children in active duty military families, an estimated 15 million adult brats, and untold numbers of TCKs who face similar challenges in foreign service, corporate, NGO, immigrant, missionary, foster, cross-cultural, and professional sports/entertainment families. Together, these children are called “Third Culture Kids” (TCKs), whether they’re eight or eighty. For more information, see www.bratswithoutborders.org.)