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Bouquets of Kindness (Bouquets of Kindness)

Kits of Kindness is a branch of Bouquets of Kindness

http://www.bouquetsofkindness.org Tax ID 81-3233920


Kits of Kindness was created when Bouquets of Kindness needed to pivot after Covid-19 caused a shut down of all visits to assisted living and memory care homes.

Not being able to take donated flowers from weddings and events to allow our senior friends to create their own floral bouquets, we had to make a decision. Would we sit and do nothing or would we  find the need and fill it?  

We found a great need and we hope to fill it! It is our goal to help our elders flourish, even on their fixed incomes.

We learned that many of our local seniors struggle to meet their basic supply needs and that getting to the grocery store saftly has become even more difficult.  Often if they are able to get to the store, the items they need are no longer available,  or only store brands are left (which are out of their price range).

Our seniors and adults with disabilites shouldn't have to worry about essential needs like toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels and tooth brushes.  So we want to remove that worry from them.

Our goal is to support at least 75 seniors for no less than four months in meeting all of their basic needs.

Thank you ahead of time for you support.  The seniors we have preselected to support live in  a rent controlled/fixed income senior home in Jacksonville Florida