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Bordentown City Cats, Inc

Dedicated to Rescuing our Feline Friends Since 2003


Bordentown City Cats was started in 2003 to address the outside cat problem in the City of Bordentown. We've since become involved in rescuing stray and abandoned cats, trapping and socializing feral kittens so they can be adopted, and trapping, neutering and returning (TNR) those that can not be domesticated to a safe outdoor surrounding. In addition to the cats and kittens we have in foster homes, some of our adoptees can be seen at the PetsMart Luv-A-Pet adoption center on Route 1 in West Windsor, NJ. We are a fairly small organization and therefore must concentrate our limited resources on addressing the cat situation in Bordentown City, solely. If you live outside of Bordentown City and are in need of assistance, please refer to the link above for other rescue groups in the surrounding area. If you are interested in any of the cats and kittens we have available, please contact us at:(E) Btowncitycats@gmail.com or