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Books For A Better World Inc

Literacy is the dedicated purpose of Books for a Better World. We seek to inspire, empower, and motivate children to achieve their full potential by helping them to develop a lifelong love of learning.

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Books for a Better World was established to help break the cycle of illiteracy that cripples developing nations. Often, due to a lack of books, the school day is dull and uninteresting.  Without motivation to attend school, many children drop out and illiteracy continues.

We buy and deliver new books to schools that are often in remote locations where reliable mail is not available. We send volunteers with the books to ensure delivery, as well as to engage the students who receive them.

Many children have never seen a book that is not a schoolbook, and there is little connection between learning the vowels, learning to sound out words, and reading a story. Children’s literature stimulates imagination, analytical thinking, and compassion. The ability to read is empowering.