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BookNook Gardens

"To enrich all the young at heart through the discovery of books, while capturing the natural beauty of Egg Harbor and beyond!"

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BookNook Gardens is comprised of a dedicated Board of Directors, with a common dream of establishing a series of book-themed public gardens and pathways, weaving throughout the heart of Egg Harbor, WI. Much like an artist, blending various mediums into one masterpiece, BookNook Gardens would be bringing together aspects of gardening, literacy, art, and child’s play into one realm. These interactive gardens would be a destination for the whole family!

We are currently teaming up with the Village of Egg Harbor and the UniverCity Program thru UW Madison to get possible locations locked down, and design plans going.  We've already purchased some plans from one landscape architect/designer. 

We are asking for help in making this community dream a reality, and any contribution is much appreciated! 

-Kirsten Jacquet, Board Chair

and Jerry Seroka, Jeff Olson, Norm Alms, and Jan Luser