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EVENT DATE: Jun 04, 2011

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 05, 2011

We're hosting the first ever Boogie for  Boobies this June at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, IL. 

The inspiration for this event, besides our obvious love for boobies? 

Last year, we had a gal come out and do a tandem skydive, and she said she wanted to get her license that summer. Her name is Sydney, and she is now our director of marketing - cute story. Not totally out of the ordinary. What made her story extraordinary, was that one of the motivating factors to get licensed was her colleague, Lauren, who was currently battling breast cancer. Sydney wanted to jump out of planes and raise awareness for breast cancer, and, if she was lucky, raise a few funds in the process. 

Lauren announced her diagnosis in January of 2010, and as a vice president at one of the worlds largest PR firms, she immediately had an outpouring of support from her colleagues. Several of whom ran the 2010 Chicago Marathon in her honor, raising funds for Lauren's medical bills and strengthening her support network. 

Sydney doesn't run. Not even if she's being chased. Then she realized that skydiving could be her marathon. She got her license in July, but come October, she was moving to Texas for a new opportunity and didn't have a chance to do her big skydiving in pink thing for Lauren during the month in which the color pink throws up all over everything. 

So, the first weekend in June, we're hosting the first ever Boogie for Boobies. Lots of hot chicks, jumping out of planes, raising awareness and some cold hard cash. Sounds like a pretty sweet event. 

We're raffling off a 9,000 ft skydive, a level one solo skydive as well as other super-sweet prizes. 

Proceeds from our raffles and the donations go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

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